Married At First Sight: Becca’s Tired of Begging – Recap [S17E17]

On Married At First Sight, Becca Haley is tired of begging Austin for some affection in the bedroom, and breaks down talking about it with him. Emily Balch proves she’s the real rockstar of this season and makes a comeback at the retreat after her ATV accident. Chloe Brown skirts the issue with Michael Shiakallis‘ style choices. And Lauren plays it cool while Orion Martzloff annoys her. Let’s all just drink our wine while we recap Season 17, Episode 17 Crash And Bond.

Married At First Sight: Becca Haley Feels Rejected

On Married At First Sight, Becca Haley just wants Austin to want her. After he abandoned her to sleep in another bed the first night of couples retreat, he skated again when she got a stomach bug. But Becca rallies and holds down toast so the pressure’s back on. The couples attend a yoga class. Austin brings a box lunch to the mat. He’s a little thrown off that his mom isn’t there to cut off the crusts. Becca watches from afar and tries to seize some opportunity by complimenting his a$s.

Becca Haley wants to talk about it with Austin on Married At First Sight. She’s understandably confused and upset with his lack of interest in moving beyond making out. She cries and tells her how she feels. But he pulls a page from the Brennan Shoykhet playbook and suggests that talking about it is only going to make things worse because he really doesn’t want to hear it and oops now he doesn’t want to anymore. The next morning he apologizes and Becca says it’s ok again.

On the way home the MAFS couple visit a wolf sanctuary. The resident wolf expert introduces them to a female wolf named Raven. She explains that Raven is affectionate and may want to kiss them. She advises they accept the kisses or she may feel rejected and sad. So, Becca and Raven definitely have something in common. Austin sheepishly promises to step it up. But in scenes from next week Becca Haley is a crying mess so it seems things didn’t change after all.

Emily Balch Proves She’s a Boss

The Married At First Sight Denver cast has been through it all. Runaway brides, head injuries and early divorces to name a few. Emily Balch has returned to the retreat after her accident. And proves she’s a real badass. Not just for putting up with Brennan Shoykhet. But by keeping a sunny attitude in the face of a harrowing injury. And even using it to toss a couple items off her bucket list like riding in an ambulance and getting a black eye.

Chloe Brown gathers up the girls for some face and foot masks. They rally around Emily for a group hug. Chloe admits that Michael Shiakallis’ wardrobe choices are a little triggering for her. Especially the skirt he wore to the retreat. Lauren suggests she be honest about how she feels about the clothes. Lauren is dealing with her own triggers since Orion Martzloff suggested they reopen the lines of communication. To which she responded she was just going to “drink her wine”. Burn.

Married At First Sight: Michael Shiakallis has Mad Ninja Skills

In spite of his love of pearls and skirts Michael Shiakallis rips through a ninja obstacle course without even breaking a sweat. While the others drop like flies after one swing, he dominates the course and Chloe claims she’s “turned on”. Clare Kerr does get an honorable mention for her ninja skills. Later Michael soaks in a bubble bath and Chloe fawns over him but resists the urge to climb in with him.

The Married At First Sight gang play a little game of embarrassing moment guess who. It’s revealed that Clare Kerr once rocked a bowl cut and a perm at the same time. Things took a cringey turn when Chloe Brown’s moment was revealed. She claims she spilled a jager bomb on Benji from Good Charlotte while partying with NSYNC. Apparently the bomb soaked through a dixie cup. Everyone’s jaw drops because Chloe doesn’t really give those vibes. Michael feels left out and Austin just wants a jager bomb. Till next time!

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