Love After Lockup: Melissa Has Stiff Competition and Mommy Issues?

Love After Lockup star Melissa Picariello has long waited to be with Louie Fojut. They have a strange history that dates back to their days in high school. She says she crushed on him, but back then, he didn’t know she existed. But now that they are together, she will not let anyone or anything come between them.

Love After Lockup: Melissa Picariello Competes for Louie Fojut

Melissa Picariello grows excited as Louie’s release day approaches. She’d dreamed of this day for a long time and couldn’t believe it had arrived. The couple first met when they were in high school. Melissa says she had a massive crush on Louie back then, but he didn’t know she existed. All these years later, she finally has her chance with him.

In high school, Louie Fojut was extremely popular. According to Melissa Picariello, the Love After Lockup inmate had his choice of girls. The New Jersey native says she has not been lucky in love until now. She says she hit the jackpot when she came across Louie’s name on an inmate pen pal list. Not only did she find a pen pal, she found the love of her life.

Melissa has a big night in store for Louie to celebrate his release. She wants everything to be perfect. But there is one problem, and it is a big one. There is someone else in Louie Fojut’s life. This person is equally important to him. This is Louie’s mother, Donna, and she also has plans.

WEtv’s Louie Is a Mama’s Boy, and She Plans to Keep it That Way

The Love After Lockup inmate Louie Fojut has a huge problem on his hands. On the one hand, he has Melissa Picariello. She has been by his side during his incarceration and is entirely devoted to him. She says she gave up everything to move to Georgia to be with him. Then, he has his mom, Donna. Throughout his entire life, she has been the one true person who’s never given up on him. He adores his mom, and she him.

During Life During Lockup, Melissa attempted to get close to Donna. But as she did, she learned that her boyfriend, Louie Fojut, is a huge mama’s boy. She also knows that Mom is serious. Donna tells Melissa that she expects him to return to her home to live with her once Louie gets out.

Donna | WEtv

Melissa Picariello also learned that She has some stiff competition from Louie Fojut’s mom. She did not make the best impression on her when they first met. As far as Donna is concerned, no woman is good enough for her son. Melissa knows that she and Louie will need to have a serious talk and set some boundaries with his mom. But this is easier said than done.

Love After Lockup: Melissa Takes a Stand

Louie Fojut will have much to adjust to his new life. It is never an easy time for an inmate or their loved ones. Melissa plans on taking a firm stand with Donna and Louie. She wants to be the number one woman in his life. There is also another problem.

She also deals with a lot of jealousy issues. She knows that Louie has a lot of charm and appeal to women. They are automatically drawn to him. Melissa fears that once Louie is released, he will revert to his old playboy ways and ditch her.

So, to keep this from happening, she hopes to push him into marriage as soon as possible. She also has issues with her family. They don’t like how she has thrown her life into an upheaval for Louie. They think she is moving too fast and don’t want to see her hurt.

It looks like the Love After Lockup pair, Louie Fojut and Melissa Picariello, have a lot to work through if they will make this relationship work. It will be interesting to see whether Melissa or Donna comes out on top in this battle for Louie.

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