Love After Lockup: Louie Rages at His Mom – Melissa is Thrilled

Love After Lockup inmate Louie Fojut feels the pressure of being fresh out of prison. It is a big adjustment for him. On the drive home, he wants to talk with his girlfriend, Melissa Picariello. But his mom, Donna, keeps interrupting. Both women are excited to see him. But together, they are a lot for him to take. He knows adjusting to life outside of prison will be difficult. Especially with his mom and girlfriend trying to call the shots.

Love After Lockup: Louie Fojut Blows up at His Mom & Melissa Loves It

Melissa Picariello and her inmate boyfriend Louie’s mom, Donna, are thrilled he is out. She has been waiting a long time for this day and doesn’t want anything or anyone to spoil it. But Donna has also been waiting for her son. She has her own set of plans for her son’s future. While driving home from prison, the Love After Lockup couple attempts to discuss the future.

They are making plans and can’t wait to start their lives together. But there is one problem. His mom, Donna. She has her heart and mind set on her son living at home with her for the next few years. So, when she tries to insert herself into the conversation, it doesn’t go over well with him.

Donna wants to attend his parole meeting with him. This sets him off. He tells his mom she can’t go to his appointment. She wants to know why, and he reminds her that he is 41 years old and needs to handle his business on his own. The two of them start to bicker back and forth because Donna does not want to take no for an answer.

So, when he finally blows his stack at his mom, she is hurt. During the argument between the mother and son, Melissa keeps her mouth shut. She loves every minute of this. To her, it is fun to see her Love After Lockup boyfriend put his mom in her place. Fans say the smirk on Melissa’s face says it all. She feels she may finally have the upper hand over Donna.

Melissa Picariello & Donna Continue to Battle for Attention on WEtv

Donna does not care for Melissa Picariello. She doesn’t like that she wants to try to step in between herself and her son. So, Donna will do whatever it takes to prevent that from happening. She has warned Melissa not to try to come between herself and her son. Donna told her from the start that her Love After Lockup son has been and will always be the most important person in her life. She also warns her that he feels the same about her.

At first, she tried to win over his mom. She thought they could both be equally important to him. But after getting to know his mother better, she learns that Donna will never stand for that. She understands he is a mama’s boy, but she is unwilling to back down. But she loves Louie. She has loved him since high school, and now that she has him, she vows to fight to keep him.

Louie Fojut knows his mom and his girlfriend do not see eye-to-eye on things. But he just got out of prison, and he has a lot of things to do. This means he doesn’t have the time or the patience to deal with two bickering women.

He has been locked up for a long time. So, he is eager for her company and love. He can’t wait until they are alone together. The New Jersey native is also looking forward to a romantic first night. But she knows that if Donna has her way, this will not happen.

Love After Lockup: Louie’s Fears Kick In

When Louie Fojut first steps through the door of his childhood home, he gets a little overwhelmed. He says that nothing has changed since he left. Donna has his old room all set up for his return. He says it makes him uneasy being here. During his confessional, he admits that he fears that he will want to get high again, which scares him a lot.

He tells his Love After Lockup girlfriend, Melissa Picariello, that they need some time alone. She agrees and says she is all for it, but Donna expects him to stay in his room tonight without his girlfriend. Louie is unhappy about this and tells her they can leave and get a hotel room somewhere for a night.

Louie also tells her that he is anxious to move to New Jersey with her and have a fresh start. He only hopes that his parole officer will allow him to move. This is what she wants, too. But she knew Donna was going to fight them at every move.

For now, though, she says that he needs to tell his mom they are leaving for the night. As they try to figure out how to make this happen, his mom busts into the room. So it looks like the Love After Lockup stars Melissa Picariello and Louie Fojut’s fun is about to be put on hold.

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