Little People, Big World: Tori’s Dad Disapproves of Zach Roloff?

Tori Roloff from Little People, Big World reveals that her father disapproved of her dating Zach Roloff. But did he change his mind about his now son-in-law?

Little People, Big World: Tori Roloff Talks High School Dating

Tori Roloff opens up about her past dating experience. She reveals that she had a few admirers in high school. However, she never dated any of them because they were shorter than her. Yet, she explains that she feels she used someone’s height as an excuse for not dating them. She couldn’t see herself dating that person, so she would just blame it on their height.

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The Little People, Big World reality star reveals that her crush in high school was over six feet and played basketball. However, she could never speak to him or would be too embarrassed even to be in his presence. But being tall was never a requirement for her.

Tori feels that she would look for everything wrong with a guy when she knew he was not suitable for her. But she didn’t do that when she met her husband, Zach Roloff.

Tori Roloff’s Father Disapproves Dating Zach

Tori admits that Zach’s height was not something she saw for herself. However, she couldn’t find anything wrong with him that would make her not want to date him. His height never bothered her. However, it did bother someone in her family.

The Little People, Big World cast member remembers getting ready to go on a date with Zach and telling her father about him. She showed her dad a picture of him, and he said, “No.” She says that he wasn’t the man he pictured for her. Her father would even ask her multiple times if she was sure she wanted to date a little person.

However, when Zach met Tori’s father, he changed his mind. She jokes all the time that her dad now likes her husband more than he likes her. She adds that her whole family likes him better than her now.

Little People Big World: Tori Roloff
Little People, Big World | Youtube

Little People, Big World Celeb Wins over Father-in-Law

Zach Roloff feels Tori Roloff’s father didn’t like him because he was taking his daughter away. He explains that his wife is best friends with her father. He also feels that her dad didn’t like that she was “goofing off with this kid from Hillsboro.” And his wife agrees.

However, the Little People, Big World castmate clarifies that her father was able to overlook the height difference once he met Zach. It didn’t matter to him. He then understood what his daughter saw in her now-husband.

Zach Roloff feels that people with disabilities already face the challenge of trying to impress someone or be seen by someone. However, they also need to consider what they can do to get someone to overlook their physical appearance. But it looks like he was able to do that with Tori.

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