Little People, Big World: Matt Roloff Gives Amy Farm Back

Matt Roloff decides to give Amy Roloff the farm on Little People, Big World. He reveals his plans for the land after his death.

Little People, Big World: Matt Roloff & Amy Roloff Settle Farm Ownership

Matt Roloff took over the farm when he and Amy Roloff got a divorce. She sold a portion of the land to him. And he has been living on it ever since. However, he doesn’t live in the big house on the farm. He has been building a new home for himself and his future wife, Caryn Chandler. As for the farmhouse, it was up for rent.

The farm has been a big topic of conversation between the Little People, Big World family members. Jeremy Roloff tried to buy it from his father. However, that deal didn’t go through. Zach Roloff then put in an offer. Yet, that also wasn’t accepted.

Both Zach and Jeremy have moved on and bought their own piece of properties. They have been focusing on raising their families and starting their own farms. However, not getting a piece of the family farm has caused a lot of friction in the family. Yet, it seems like Amy could be getting the farm back from Matt.

Matt to Give Amy Farm after Death

Matt and his now-fiance, Caryn Chandler, meet up with Amy and Chris Marek. Caryn tells her soon-to-be husband that he should tell his ex-wife what he plans to do with the farm when he is no longer alive.

Matt Roloff | TLC

The Little People, Big World cast member explains that he has decided that when he dies, he wants to give whatever part of the farm he still has to Amy. He says that he has been thinking about that idea. He adds that doing it any other way becomes “too complicated.” So, he feels this is his best option to keep the farm in the family and make it fair.

Amy is caught by surprise. She tells Matt that she doesn’t know how to comment on that. She thinks it’s “crazy.” When she sold her portion of the land to him, she didn’t think she could be getting it back.

Little People Big World: Amy Roloff
Amy Roloff | TLC

Little People, Big World Celeb’s Fiance Comes Up with Idea

Caryn Chandler wants to make it clear that it was her idea for Matt Roloff to give Amy Roloff the farm when he passes away. However, she adds that he can give his ex-wife everything he owns besides their house in Arizona since that is something they own together. He agrees that it was her idea.

Caryn from Little People, Big World explains that his family built and worked for the farm. She explains that she came in later in his life. So, she doesn’t want it. She doesn’t want to take away from the people and family who built it. She explains that whether she and Matt get married or not, she doesn’t want the farm, and it is “off the table.”

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