Lindsie Chrisley: I’ll Never Do a Documentary That’s Unfair to My Parents!

This year, Lindsie Chrisley has reported on disgraced father Todd Chrisley’s time in prison.

As we all know, they have had some extremely famous ups and downs.

But with her parents incarcerated, Lindsie and her siblings have been vocal about supporting them.

Which is exactly why she has no intention of participating in an upcoming documentary about Todd and Julie Chrisley.

Todd Chrisley and his daughter, Lindsie Chrisley, have had major ups and downs. (Instagram)

Lindsie Chrisley recently spoke about her podcast decision on the Southern Tea with Lindsie Chrisley podcast.

We’ll explain the documentary topic momentarily.

First, there’s Lindsie’s reasoning behind not participating in it. Namely? Because her parents really cannot.

Todd Chrisley doesn’t look too bothered by anything in this scene from his reality show. (USA)

Because Todd and Julie Chrisley cannot defend themselves in a documentary (for multiple reasons) while in prison, she doesn’t feel that it’s fair.

“I just decided that I’m not going to participate in something that one,” Lindsie explained.

She fully admitted that “I don’t even know what the heck’s going on.”

Todd Chrisley and his wife don’t seem to think the laws apply to them. It’s pretty sad, really. (USA)

Puzzled, Lindsie openly mused: “What could they possibly document that would even be relevant that anyone doesn’t already know?”

Obviously, we do not really knwo the answer to that.

It is also unclear what Lindsie believes that her incarcerated parents could contribute to such a documentary. If everyone knows everything, that is.

Julie Chrisley, Savannah Chrisley, producer/TV personality Todd Chrisley, and TV personalities Chase Chrisley, and Lindsie Chrisley speak onstage during the ‘Chrisley Knows Best’ panel at the 2016 NBCUniversal Summer Press Day in 2016. (Getty)

“[It’s] not really worth my time and also not fair to people…” Lindsie then accused.

According to her, “they would be documenting about people who can’t potentially defend themselves.”

Lindsie said that this would be a problem “in the event that they would need to defend themselves.”

Julie and Todd Chrisley may be all smiles in this scene from their reality show. But their life is awful these days. (USA)

Lindsie had also spoken about this on social media. Last week, on Instagram, she touched upon the topic with followers.

At the time, she said that she wanted to “address a rumor floating around about a possible documentary” about her infamous family.

Lindsie confirmed that “some family was approached to participate” in the upcoming project.

Todd and Julie Chrisley are GUILTY. They’ll be spending many years in prison as a result. (USA)

However, she clarified that she had no intention in participating.

“I respectfully declined and do not plan to participate in any project that doesn’t allow for everyone’s voice to be heard,” she explained.

“We all have a story,” Lindsie stated. “There’s always multiple sides, and the truth lies somewhere in the middle.⁣”

Lindsie Chrisley
Lindsie Chrisley first became famous by starring on Chrisley Knows Best. This is an extreme close up on Instagram. (Instagram)

“Lots of hard conversations and personal life decisions have happened this summer,” she vaguely told her fans.

“I’ve learned to sit quietly with God instead of trying to figure everything out on my own,” Lindsie went on. This is a reference to her Christian beliefs.

“He takes my anxiety and replaces it with peace, wisdom and security,” she went on. “I trust in him.”

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