Box Office Predictions: Hollywood set to bring in over Rs. 20 cr this Friday with Oppenheimer and Barbie

It’s going to be a huge day for Hollywood this Friday as over Rs. 20 crores are set to come in. This would be possibly for the first time ever that two major Hollywood films would be releasing on the same day in India with so much hype and promise great moolah. There have been tent pole films in the last many years that have done great business and have even crossed Rs. 30 crores milestone on the first day. However, for films like Oppenheimer and Barbie to even collectively promise Rs. 20 crores in a single day is a big deal indeed.

Oppenheimer is primarily riding on the star power of director Christopher Nolan, who has become a brand in India over the years. In fact, during the pandemic it was his Tenet which was the first major theatrical release universally and though it couldn’t do well, partially due to pandemic and partially due to its complicated narrative, it at least took the bold step of seeing a theatrical-first release. Now that Oppenheimer is finding so much pre-release buzz going around it, an opening in the range of Rs. 14-15 crores is certainly coming in.

On the other hand, Barbie has benefitted the most from the clash, just like it has happened with Bollywood films in the past as well when a clash with a bigger opponent had actually helped a relatively smaller release. In isolation, Barbie may have been one of those many Hollywood rom-coms that make a way to India but with so much chatter around Oppenheimer, it has gained a lot. That would ensure that the film will start in the upwards of Rs. 5 crores and for the genre that it belongs to, that would mean a winning start.

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