Kate Gosselin Handled Carefully By Daughter Today?

Kate Gosselin‘s children are all over 18 today, so after a couple of decades with this reality star as a mom, it looks like they may have learned a few things.

This once-TLC celebrity often stunned fans with her strong opinions. So, as the latest news surfaces regarding the iconic reality star, fans surmise that hasn’t changed.

After seeing her in action through many seasons of Jon & Kate Plus 8, and then, Kate Plus 8, fans know she’s not someone to keep those strong opinions to herself. Now it looks as if her adult children learn the same thing. Or at least Hannah Gosselin shows signs of this.

Everyone, Including Kate…

Kate Gosselin’s daughter, Hannah Gosselin, 19, is in her first serious romantic relationship. The young man’s name is Lennon Johnston Jr, 21, and it sounds like the Gosselin daughter is head over heels for this man.

So, in a recent interview, this young woman revealed that she introduced Lennon to various relatives. Then she described how the family got along with her new boyfriend. These introductions included her mom, Kate Gosselin, and her dad, Jon Gosselin.


She didn’t say anything negative about the outcome, although she didn’t have to. It’s what she didn’t say that raised some eyebrows. This daughter is one of two famous sextuplets, who chose to live with her dad, rather than her mom.

Collin Gosselin is the other sextuplet sibling who moved in with Jon. These two kids had little contact with Kate Gosselin for quite some time. But today, this daughter said she talks about school and life with her mom, so some things have changed.

Hannah Gosselin’s Boyfriend Gets Thumbs Up

In this new interview, Hannah makes it clear that she loves her new beau. So, when introducing him to her dad, they hit it off.

She said her boyfriend has big dreams and “he’s really big on being the best version of yourself you can be.” She also added that he is “kind.”

Her grandmother, Pamela Castello, who is Jon’s mom, also met Lennon, and she gave him a thumbs up. In a recent interview, Jon said he gets along great with Hannah’s boyfriend. But when it came to Kate Gosselin, things seemed worded differently.

Everyone Except Kate Gosselin?

It sounded all good when it came to her grandmother, who gave the new boyfriend her  “stamp of approval”. Then her dad ended up becoming pals with him. So, this seems to indicate that Lennon is welcomed into the family. But maybe not the entire family.

When revealing that Kate Gosselin has met Lennon, her take was unclear. When Hannah was asked if he got a chance to meet her mom, she said, “Well, yeah, She’s my mom.”


After saying her mom met him, this young lady didn’t suggest Kate was enthused like her dad and grandmother. So, not hearing Hannah use the same enthusiasm about her mom meeting her boyfriend said a lot to fans.

After saying Kate met her boyfriend, Hannah made something clear. She said that no matter what anyone’s opinion of her new love interest might be, “At the end of the day, my choices are my choices.” She didn’t attach a name to that statement. But the fans think she likely had her mom in mind.

Hannah Tip Toes Around Kate’s Take?

Hannah said that while she will listen to opinions, she’s not going to let anyone’s opinion get in her way. So, without getting into any more details, it sure sounds like she skirted around what her mom had to say.

Kate Gosselin’s followers assume this mom of eight had a rather strong opinion. They also surmise that her daughter was kind enough not to mention it. This young lady has lived a lifetime of her mom and dad dueling it out in the headlines.

What the TLC fans were privy to was likely just the tip of the iceberg. Past reports indicated that the screaming and yelling on the screen continued when the cameras were off. So, her kids might have learned a thing or two about handling mom. Or at least Hannah seemed to after treading carefully about what she said when it came to her mom’s opinion of her boyfriend.

Fans of Kate Gosselin’s now-defunct TLC series remember how upset Kate could become. Sometimes she would blow up at the least little things. So, what her daughter is not saying seems to offer a hint to fans of Kate Gosselin’s opinion not being as stellar as the rest.

With Kate Gosselin’s history in mind, fans can only imagine what the mom of eight had to say. But as her daughter stated firmly in that interview, it’s her choice when it comes down to it, and that is all that matters.

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