Jawan Box Office: Shah Rukh Khan starrer has a MASSIVE Sunday, comes close to Rs. 300 crores in just 4 days

What a massive, spectacular Sunday it has turned out to be for Jawan. Earlier this year when Pathaan started doing unreal numbers, one thought that this won’t be replicated for quite some time. Then came Gadar 2 and one started believing that lightning can indeed strike twice. Now with Jawan breaking all barriers and crossing all frontiers, it has started becoming more and more clear that when it comes to big event films, the bar can indeed be raised higher with every new release.

This can well be seen from Sunday collections of Rs. 80.10 crores, which is just unimaginable because it’s for the first time ever that a Hindi film has got into the 80s zone on a single day. Prior to that Pathaan was the one which went past the Rs. 70 crores milestone on its second day, which was also a national holiday. Here, it was a regular Sunday with no holiday anywhere around it, and still the film ended up netting this high a number.

Of course, this has also been aided by Rs. 8.47 crores which have come from the Tamil and Telugu versions but still even just the Hindi version is record breaking with Rs. 71.63 crores been accumulated at the box office. It has been four-day long mayhem so far at the box office and one waits to see that for how long it continues.

So far, the film has already netted Rs. 252.08 crores just in the Hindi version, which means the entire lifetime score of Shah Rukh Khan’s Chennai Express [Rs. 227 crores] has been crossed by a distance. As for the overall numbers including the south versions, the film has come really close to the Rs. 300 crores mark with the number standing at Rs. 286.16 crores. This further goes on to show that if aided by a holiday, the day is not far away when a film ends up getting a Rs. 300 Crore Club worth weekend.

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