Box Office: HanuMan (Hindi) is a success story all set to be a superhit – Monday updates

2024 is all set to be a superhit at the box office and it would be a dubbed Telugu film which will make that happen. Last year wasn’t good for the south dubbed releases as only a handful managed to do even respectable business. However, HanuMan has come as a whiff of fresh air as it has kick-started the year with aplomb and is not just getting good respect but also moolah, courtesy continued footfalls from the audiences.

To think of it, the journey has just begun for the film as it’s warming up well and there is so much more than it can do in days to come. From a start of Rs. 2.25 crores on Friday to Rs. 6.17 crores on Sunday to now Rs. 3.80 crores on Monday, there is very good momentum that has been gained already and now it’s time to consolidate. In fact it would be interesting to see if there is further elevation that comes in and consolidation happens only after a few days since there is a lot of capacity available for the film to perform, courtesy open screens and shows all over, especially the Hindi speaking belt where no other release from south is currently doing well.

The Prasanth Verna film has now netted Rs. 16.17 crores already in the Hindi version and there is no end number that one can put for it. While Rs. 50 crores lifetime is a given for it, it can go to Rs. 70 crores, Rs. 80 crores or even higher in weeks to come. Yes, there would be Fighter in the coming week but still HanuMan should manage to find a place for itself in theatres.

Note: All collections as per production and distribution sources

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