2023 Recap: Top 10 Highest grossers at the Australia box office – Ranbir Kapoor’s Animal is no. 1, Shah Rukh Khan occupies the next 3 spots

The Australian box office witnessed an exhilarating year in 2023, marked by an array of captivating films that not only resonated with audiences but also achieved significant success at the box office. In fact, the Australian box office in 2023 was a stage for cinematic brilliance, featuring a diverse array of films that not only entertained but also triumphed in terms of box office revenue. From intense dramas to action-packed thrillers and romantic tales, these top-grossing films of the year showcased the rich and varied cinematic tastes of Australian moviegoers. In this article, we explore the top 10 highest-grossing films of the year in Australia, showcasing the cinematic gems that left an indelible mark on Down Under.

Claiming the top spot is the intense drama Animal, which emerged as the reigning champion of the Australian box office in 2023. The film’s compelling narrative and powerful performances struck a chord with audiences, making it the highest-grossing film of the year. Following closely is the action-packed thriller Pathaan, securing the second position in the list of Australia’s top-grossing films. The film’s gripping storyline and stellar performances resonated well with the audience, establishing it as a box office powerhouse. While the adrenaline-fueled Jawan takes the third spot, showcasing the enduring popularity of action-packed narratives. With intense sequences and a compelling storyline, the film successfully captured the attention and wallets of Australian moviegoers.

The third Shah Rukh Khan starrer of 2023, Dunki secured the fourth position with its unique storyline and engaging narrative. The film’s success at the Australian box office underscores the audience’s appreciation for fresh and innovative storytelling in the cinematic landscape. Followed by the Ranveer Singh – Alia Bhatt starrer Rocky Aur Rani Kii Prem Kahaani, which charmed its way into the hearts of Australian audiences, securing the fifth position on the list.

The action-packed Prabhas starrer Salaar roared into the sixth position, leaving an indelible mark with its high-octane action sequences and gripping storyline. While the Jailer, earned its place among the top grossing films captivating Australian audiences with its suspenseful plot and compelling performances.

The third installment in the action-packed Tiger series roared into the eighth position on the list. Tiger 3 continues to showcase the charisma of its lead actors and the high-energy action that Australian audiences have come to love. Followed by the epic historical drama Ponniyin Selvan: Part 2, which enthralled Australian audiences, earning its place as the ninth highest-grossing film.

Closing the list is the much-anticipated sequel Gadar 2, which garnered significant attention and box-office success in Australia. The film’s appeal lies in its connection to its predecessor and the nostalgia it evokes among audiences.

Highest Grossers of 2023 at the Australia Box Office

Animal – 5.02 mil. A$

Pathaan – 4.72 mil. A$

Jawan – 4.67 mil. A$

Dunki – 2.79 mil. A$

Rocky Aur Rani Kii Prem Kahaani – 1.82 mil. A$

Tiger 3 – 1.58 mil. A$

Gadar 2 – 1.11 mil. A$

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