Box Office: Dunki and Salaar (Hindi) bring in almost 40 crores, all set to score a half center today – Saturday updates

Dunki and Salaar (Hindi) are chugging along nicely at the box office. Yes, one expected greater haul from both the films, especially Dunki, since of late when films have worked then they have really hit the roof. This wasn’t just the case with the flurry of 500 Crore Club grossers that we have seen this year but even Tiger 3 which had an excellent first few days. Hence, even when around 40 crores have come between the Shah Rukh Khan and Prabhas starers, it seems lesser.

Nonetheless, Dunki made gains on Saturday and that’s a positive sign. Again, one expected Rs. 30 crores to be crossed comfortably but that didn’t happen. Still, the collections did rise again to Rs. 24.50 crores which is nice. The Rajkumar Hirani directed film has now reached Rs. 72.50 crores and while Rs. 100 crores mark would be comfortably crossed today, it has to be seen how much more does it add to this. The good part is that tomorrow is a big holiday owing to Christmas, as a result of which the numbers should be bountiful for the first four days of Dunki.

On the other hand, Salaar has also shown some growth in the Hindi version. It as it is saw very good numbers on Friday and hence if there are still a few more lakhs added to the daily numbers on Saturday then that deserves cheers. The Prabhas starrer is turning out to be a success story as long as the upward trajectory continues till Monday at least. The film has already netted Rs. 34 crores and today it should go past the Rs. 50 crores mark.

Between Dunki and Salaar (Hindi), almost Rs. 40 crores come in on Friday and now it’s all about the highest day rise collections that the two films manage either today or tomorrow.

Note: All collections as per production and distribution sources

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