Bold and the Beautiful: Sheila’s Ghost – More Devious Dead Than Alive?

Bold and the Beautiful has Sheila Carter haunting her son, first in dreams, and now in visions while he is wide awake on the CBS soap. “What’s happening to me,” Finn asks Steffy Forrester this week on B&B. So, what is happening with John Finnegan as Sheila Carter’s visions keep coming?

Bold and the Beautiful: Sheila Carter Dies in Scene Resembling Psycho

Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown) shows up in visions that haunt her son Finn on B&B. The most recent Sheila manifestation shook John Finnegan (Tanner Novlan) to his core. She appeared to him as a bloody mess on the floor. Then his nut job of a mother turned to Finn, asking him for help.

He jumped off that couch so fast that he jarred Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood), who doesn’t see Sheila’s apparition. A bunch of problems come with these visions for Finn this week on Bold and the Beautiful. He’s seeing things very clearly, but not at all like what really happened.


Finn imagines Steffy slashing at Sheila with a knife, much like Norman Bates slashing his victim in the movie Psycho’s shower scene. When, in all actuality, Steffy was hesitant to stab Sheila and did so at the last minute when she lunged at her. And the knife went into the nine-toed woman only once.

These images that appear to Finn have it all wrong, right down to the clothes his mother wore at the time of her death. Instead of her home invasion outfit, seen below, her son sees her neatly dressed in business attire. He also sees her as a victim asking for help.

B&B Spoilers: Painting a Picture or Warping Mind?

So, Bold and Beautiful may have Sheila’s ghost painting a harsh picture of Steffy the killer. Or, Finn’s mind is deteriorating. Maybe he rationalizes his feelings toward his mother by making her more normal and imagining his wife as the one who’s vicious and vindictive.

But if this is the ghost of his mother, she’s manipulating her son’s thoughts about his wife. But it’s more likely that something has gone wrong with the good doctor’s mind. After a bizarre clue surfaced this week, Finn might not be playing with a full deck soon on Bold and the Beautiful.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Sheila’s Dull Death Scene

Sheila Carter’s death scene was mundane when compared to other death scenes scripted for Bold and the Beautiful in the past. When it comes to Sheila in any scene that contains drama, she’s usually over-the-top. But not in her death scene, a couple of gurgles and sputters, then she checked out.

Bold and the Beautiful: Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown)

These images Finn sees tend to make Steffy Forrester look like a cold-blooded killer. So, if this is the ghost of Sheila Carter, she’s as devious and manipulative in death as she was in life. But where is Bold and the Beautiful going with this?

Sheila Carter could be a ghost seen only by her son. Or another possibility, and a more feasible one, Finn is losing it a little more each day.

B&B Spoilers: A Beautiful Mind

It looks like B&B writers are fascinated with old blockbuster movies this week. They put a knife in Steffy’s hand and had her go at Sheila in Norman Bate’s fashion in her husband’s vision. Next, they borrow a line from a Russell Crow movie, that may offer a clue about what’s going on with John Finnegan.

As Steffy and Finn discussed Sheila Carter on the soap, Steffy said something very odd. She offered all the reasons why she loved her husband so much. One of the many assets she mentioned happened to be his “beautiful mind.”  In the movie “A Beautiful Mind” Russell Crow’s character is a genius, who suddenly becomes stricken with frightening delusions.

It’s such an odd thing to say, that Bold and the Beautiful likely threw that in for a reason. The death of Sheila is a stressor, so maybe whatever Finn suffers from was brought on by the news of Sheila’s death.

Of course, there’s always that chance that Sheila Carter is back in spirit to haunt her son. If that’s the case, this suggests that she’s still on a mission from beyond the grave. But, it’s more than likely John Finnegan is stricken by something rare. Then that would mean Sheila Carter only haunts her son in his beautiful mind.

That said, all of this could fall by the wayside if Sheila turns up alive. Many fans think her lackluster death happened for a reason, and that’s because it was faked. But that’s another theory rolling around out there about what the CBS soap planned for Sheila Carter.

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