Bold and the Beautiful: Hope Soon Rejected, Poppy Turns Devious, Finn Tormented in Top 3 Predictions

Bold and the Beautiful has Hope Logan, Poppy Nozawa, and Finn fighting demons this week, some well-known, while others are imaged on the CBS soap. Hope faces a marriage proposal that sparks a battle after her answer. Then there’s Poppy, whose devious streak revs up as her daughter asks questions about her father. But John Finnegan finds himself with multiple problems, including what his aunt dumps in his lap this week on B&B.

Bold and the Beautiful Prediction: Hope Logan’s ‘No’ Sparks Battle

Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) hasn’t been an easy catch for Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson). But just when it looks like she sees a future with him, her answer to his second proposal leaves him in tears.

Hope once again says no, and the first person Thomas sees in the aftermath of this rejection is his sister, Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood).

He didn’t think it out before sharing his bad news with his sister. So, Thomas informs his sister, who already thinks Hope is stringing him along, that she won’t marry him.

This could explain why the Bold and the Beautiful spoilers suggest Hope and Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) have a brutal showdown this week.


It looked like Hope’s answer was going to be yes this time, but it wasn’t, so now Thomas Forrester is hurt. And possibly a bit angry. After his sister gets through bashing the woman he loves, he may give her some distance.

Bold and the Beautiful likely has Thomas backing off, which is what it will take for Hope Logan to come around. And it looks like she just might, sooner, rather than later.

B&B Predictions: Finn In For a World of Confusion

Bold and the Beautiful promises a battle between Hope Logan and Steffy Forrester. So, they likely fight about Thomas with some Finn thrown into the mix as well. Hope has made herself the goodwill ambassador for the only two people mourning the death of Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown). And this peeves off her stepsister.

So, in Steffy’s eyes, Hope is not worthy of her brother. Plus, she’s interfering in her marriage with her ideas about Finn’s mourning process. So, her brother being jilted will probably start the fight between Steffy and Hope. But the Logan daughter giving marriage advice to her stepsister likely fuels it even more.

John Finnegan continues to see his mother everywhere she shouldn’t be. The last time anyone eyed her, she was in cold storage at the morgue. But that doesn’t keep the nine-toed woman away today on Bold and Beautiful.  She first came to Finn in dreams.

Bold and the Beautiful: Poppy Nozawa (Romy Park) - Finn -John Finnegan (Tanner Novlan)

But that escalated into visions of her when he was wide awake. What Bold and the Beautiful is doing with Sheila is anybody’s guess. And plenty of those guesses swirl around on social media today. The theories on Sheila suggest that she’s either, a spirit, a figment of Finn’s imagination, or alive and playing games.

Still, that is only one piece of Finn’s world that’s about to go sideways after a request from Poppy Nozawa.

Bold and the Beautiful Predictions: Poppy Nozawa Doesn’t Know Who the Father Is

Poppy Nozawa (Rony Park) is a free spirit, or so they say on B&B. But it’s looking more and more like she’s got a devious side to her as well. Especially when it comes to the father of her daughter. She doesn’t want to share that information with Luna Nozawa (Lisa Yamada). But why?

So, now that she’s on the outs with Luna, she heads over to Finn’s place. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say she’s there to request something of John Finnegan. And that she did. On Monday’s episode, she requested that he become a surrogate father for her daughter. When Poppy told Finn that Luna demanded her father’s name, he looked confused.

An Odd Clue Pops Up…

B&B also threw in a clue that teases he could still be Luna’s father. He reminded his aunt about how close they were when he was her daughter’s age. There wasn’t any need for the B&B fans to know this unless they wanted to offer more fuel for the thought of Finn being her father.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: John Finnegan - Finn - (Tanner Novlan)

Finn asked Poppy Nozawa, if she knew who the father was. So, while one theory suggests Finn is Luna’s father, you would think he would have known if he slept with Poppy for that possibility to surface. Well, he too could have gotten a hold of her special mints back in the day.

After all, Luna didn’t remember anything about the night she slept with her boyfriend’s cousin. But it seems unlikely that B&B would go that path again. The free-spirited woman asked Finn if she told him that Luna was conceived out of love, is that enough?

But is it enough for her daughter, is what he wants to know. So, maybe Poppy keeps the man’s name secret because John Finnegan’s father, Jack Finnegan (Ted King), could also be Luna’s father. But the way Bold and the Beautiful goes on about Luna and Bill these days, it looks like he could still be the guy.

B&B Predictions: Poppy Might Not Be Sure…

Li Finnegan (Naomi Matsuda) made it clear that her sister Poppy Nozawa slept with many men in her day. She even had a conquest with Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) a couple of decades ago. That timeline prompted Bill to ask Poppy if he was Luna’s father. She denied it, although the timeline for their night of free love would fit.

But, while denying this to Bill, she looked very uncomfortable. When Bill told Luna that he asked Poppy if he could by chance be her father, Luna wasn’t totally on board with the answer her mother gave him.

So, if Poppy is not sure, she could hit up Finn to run a secret DNA test for her. It would be easy enough for her to collect DNA from Bill and Luna. So, she may think Bill could be the dad, but she’s not sure.

So is Poppy Nozawa about to ask Finn for help with a DNA test?  Right now, she wants him as a father figure for her daughter. But you never know as this CBS soap could pave a path for this paternity storyline that no one would expect.

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