90 Day Fiance: Rob Warne Wants Sophie to Slow Her Toilet Paper Roll – Recap [S08E03]

On 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After, Rob Warne makes a list of grievances and shames Sophie Sierra over her toilet paper use among other things. Liz Woods shops for wedding dresses and begs her mom not to be too hard on Ed Brown. Emily Bieberly and family get blindsided with a wedding in Cameroon. And Manuel Velas conspires with raccoons to avoid washing in witchy waters. Let’s unwrap it all right here in this recap of Season 8, Episode 3 Snow White and the Seven Chores.

90 Day Fiance: Rob Warne Can’t Spare a Square

Sophie Sierra returns to Rob Warne’s place on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After. Actually, it’s her place too. But she’s been staying at her friend Kae’s place since things got rocky. But she wants to give it another try. Rob greets her with some flowers. He claims he stopped the car in the middle of the road and snagged them from someone’s yard.  As if that wasn’t romantic enough, he’s got a list of suggestions she can follow to make things right again.

The list includes things like rinsing off dishes before placing them in the sink. Putting makeup and hair products away after use. And slowing her roll when it comes to toilet paper usage. Rob Warne thinks she’s using way too many rolls. And he just can’t spare a square. Sophie is offended by this suggestion of course. She claims she doesn’t use more than her fair share of toilet paper. And marches out once again telling Rob he’s spiraling.

Rob Warne decides to switch things up and try a different approach on 90 Day Fiance. He actually buys a rose this time and plans a date at a country western bar complete with dance lessons. He also writes a poem. Sophie Sierra finds the poem cute. And tries her hand at a southern accent which goes over as well as Rob’s rhymes. She drops the news that her best guy friend Callum will arrive for a visit tomorrow. Rob isn’t happy about this. And jots out a quick poem: “I’m a nice guy but this Callum stuff just doesn’t fly”.

90 Day Fiance: Ed Brown Acts Messy in the Kitchen

On 90 Day Fiance Ed Brown has a real talent for ruining even the most innocent moments. Such as making breakfast. While Liz Woods and her daughter Ryleigh measure flour for a breakfast pizza, he pouts about having to mop the floor after. When Liz rightly suggests that it’s not really an issue, he starts insulting her. Liz points out the mess he left under the stove. And Ed continues his passive aggressive behavior until Ryleigh puts them both in their place.

Liz Woods, daughter Ryleigh and her mom and grandmother go wedding dress shopping. Liz admits she’s a stingy shopper. Not to mention her and Ed haven’t built their real estate empire yet so she’s on a budget. She tries on a few dresses and her mom and grandma play along. But her mom wants to talk to Ed about his behavior before she’s all in on her daughter becoming Mrs. Big Ed Brown. Liz weeps and ask her mom to go easy on him. But they agree he needs to step up and be more of a man and less of a douche.

90 Day Fiance: Emily Bieberly Finds Her Worth in Surprise Wedding

Emily Bieberly and family are all decked out in traditional attire to meet her in-laws. But they have to brave the traffic in Cameroon first. Her mother pearl clutches when she realizes there really are no traffic lanes on the road to Kobe’s house. Once they arrive his family couldn’t be more welcoming. His dad offers up a peace plant to Emily’s dad in honor of his own father. Kobe is emotional and everyone has a great night getting acquainted.

Over breakfast the next day Kobe announces that his dad wishes to have a wedding in the Cameroon tradition. It consists of a knock on the door where they will negotiate a dowry to be paid to Emily’s family in exchange for her to marry Kobe. It could be some goats or pigs but definitely more than a single plantain. While the shipping from Cameroon to Kansas might be a little pricey, Kobe insists it’s the right thing to do. And they will cook the food for the ceremony of 100 people. And Emily’s mom thought the traffic was bad.

Happily Ever After: Manuel Velas Is Wary of His Witchy Woman

90 Day Fiance couple Manuel Velas and Ashley Michelle just can’t stop bickering. He blames being stuck in the house as the reason he can’t learn English. And she claims his secretive ways shut her out. The couple hit up a motorcycle shop. Manuel equates having a bike with freedom. And says he can make some new friends that way. Ashley accuses him of being dramatic. He admits he’s not looking for a bike with two seats.

After another argument in the cycle shop Ashley suggests he needs some spiritual cleansing. She drags him to a place to get some otherworldly witchy help. He admits the word witch gives him bad vibes and reminds him of an ugly person. Ashley is hurt that he’s ashamed of her job as a witch especially since the health plan is so good. She concocts a cleansing bath out of holy water and toad sweat. He agrees to the cleanse until a raccoon family appears and he thinks they are warning him to stop the crafty cleanse.

TLC Couple Jasmine and Gino at Odds Again

90 Day Fiance odd couple Jasmine Pineda and Gino Palazzolo spent the entire episode in a coffee house barely making a dent in their fancy caffeinated drinks. Jasmine bawls and blubbers about her children being delayed entry to America. Gino twitches and stands his ground explaining he just doesn’t have 5 grand to pay an immigration lawyer. They call each other asses and he storms out leading Jasmine to declare once again that she’s going back to Paaanaaamaaaa!

It’s a brisk day in LA. Nicole Sherbiny announces that Mahmoud El Sherbiny didn’t wear his thrift shop boxers to bed indicating the pair had a good first night together. She plies him with donuts in the morning but he finds them a bit too sweet and longs for falafel. Nicole plans a trip to Santa Monica pier. He’s not too impressed with the souvenir shops but does stop and stare at a young woman in purple Muslim garb. Nicole gets mad and he leaves on his own in a Lyft. So, not a great start. Till next time!

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