90 Day Fiance: Ashley and Manuel Make Up in the Toilet – Recap [S10E13]

90 Day Fiance couple Ashley Michelle and Manuel Velez find a messy way to make up after a fight involving a public restroom. Clayton Clark ends his drought with Anali Vallejos. Rob Warne and Sophie Sierra‘s mum Claire argue over his lifestyle. Gino Palazzolo goes all out for Jasmine Pineda in Miami. And Sam Wilson and Citra enjoy a boozy last hurrah before he converts. Grab a fruity cocktail and some nachos and let’s indulge in this recap of Season 10, Episode 13 To Love And To Cherish.

90 Day Fiance: Ashley Michelle and Manuel Velez Get Busy in a Bathroom

On 90 Day Fiance Ashley Michelle and Manuel Velez argue about money in a coffee shop. Manuel thinks she is compulsive with spending. She’s annoyed that he expects her hard earned money to go back to his family in Ecuador. His buddy Jonathan is visiting and stands up for Ashley. The couple bicker while they prepare to take Jonathan to the airport. Ashley suggests that Manuel return to the bathroom with her so they can make up the only way they know how. Yes, they did it in the bathroom. Complete with sound effects.

Later, Ashley Michelle wants to change the energy in the house so she lights candles and brandishes crystals. Manuel admits he just goes along with what he hears as gibberish. Because it’s better to stay quiet than get hit with a rock.

She meets with her sister and a friend to rehearse a choreographed dance they will perform at the wedding, they take a break and she fills them in on how they “showed out at the coffee shop.” She shares the details of getting it on standing up in the bathroom.

Of course, this is TMI even for 90 Day Fiance. They share their concerns with Ashley Michelle. She says she respects Manuel Velez but they are at the mercy of the government since if they don’t get married he would be deported. She feels the good outweighs the bad and that they can work through their differences even if it involves getting busy in a public restroom.

Clayton Clark Ends His Drought

On 90 Day Fiance Clayton Clark finally gets some acknowledgement and some affection from Anali Vallejos. That’s right he’s no longer living the virgin life. The couple argued over her not telling her dad she’s in a relationship. Anali caves when Clayton admits his insecurities. In a past relationship he was kept a secret. And it was because the other person was cheating. Anali posts a picture and cute caption on Instagram to prove her love for him.

But it’s what happened after that made Clayton Clark the happiest. The pair finally had sex. And it was in a bedroom not a public bathroom so props to that. Clayton is really happy the morning after. He even does a little dance on the bed and calls it wagging his tail. Later the pair enjoy San Diego and talk about their wedding. Anali suggests they include guinea pigs and llamas. They call Brandi, Clayton’s sister to ask for help. She agrees to plan a bachelorette party with strippers. But gets overwhelmed about the animals and hangs up.

90 Day Fiance: Sophie’s Mum Comes for Ron Warne

Things just keep getting worse for Sophie Sierra and Rob Warne on 90 Day Fiance. Between the online cheating and lack of an indoor bathroom, now Sophie’s mum Claire is coming for Rob. She’s always considered him a bit of a knob. She calls him boring and nasty for his online habits. Now she’s going off on the fact he doesn’t work and didn’t provide a proper place to live for Sophie. Rob storms out and rants to production about the attack.

He’s rambling about how he has nobody to help him. And calls Sophie and Claire clueless and spoiled. He’s pretty angry and Sophie tells her mum to ignore the tirade. Sophie confronts Rob and suggests he’s being disrespectful. Claire apologizes for her tone but not the things that she said. She also suggests that Sophie Sierra should spend the night with her at her hotel that night. Rob Warne is cool with it. It will be shocking if these two make it to the altar.

TLC Couple Gino Palazzolo and Jasmine Pineda Get Engaged Again

It’s been a paradise in Miami for Jasmine Pineda and Gino Palazzolo. Until she drops a bomb on him after a romantic dinner and re-engagement. Gino showed up for Jasmine with a rooftop surprise dinner. He even upgraded her ring to a real diamond this time. Jasmine wept and apologized for being rude about his family. But not before she admitted she never imagined she’d be with someone like Gino. Since she was always more attracted to “mew-scu-ler” buff good looking men like her ex Dane.

She admits she needs to learn from Gino how to be kind on 90 Day Fiance. Maybe she could start by not insulting his looks or comparing him to her ex. But it gets worse for Gino Palazzolo when Jasmine makes a confession before they leave Miami. She breaks down the cost of her butt implant surgery. And when she fell a little short Dane came to the rescue with the balance. And doesn’t even want her to pay him back. Gino puts his head in his hands and sighs. The drama is never ending with Jasmine Pineda.

90 Day Fiance: Sam Wilson and Citra Hit the Town

It’s almost time for Sam Wilson to convert to Islam on 90 Day Fiance. So he grabs his fiance Citra and suggests they live it up one last time. They head to a local dive bar called Boozers for some day drinking and nachos. Sam admits he’ll miss certain things once he converts. Like pork. After their mild day of debauchery ends it’s time to head to the mosque. They meet up with a few guys at the mosque who give Sam the rundown.

Of course coming from being an atheist it’s not going to be easy.  But he’ll do it for Citra. Her dad Herman has arrived in the states and is holed up at a local hotel with one of her sisters. Sam fetches the other sister at the airport. He admits that her sisters are often mean to him. And insult his appearance. Gathered at the hotel, Citra’s dad is pleased and hopeful about his conversion. But Sam Wilson still has to fess up that he could possibly face jail time. So, the marriage could be in jeopardy.

90 Day Fiance: Nikki Sanders Doubts Her Future with Justin

It’s almost time for Nikki Sanders and Justin/Igor to celebrate their engagement on 90 Day Fiance. Nikki is suffering with a broken nail so she hits up the local nail salon for a quick fix and some advice. She wants to know if Moldovan men are controlling. And the tech says yes. She even goes as far as to suggest Nikki find an American boyfriend. Justin tells production that while his heart is solid with the Nikki, his body doesn’t share the enthusiasm.

Nikki confronts Justin about his lack of attraction. And desire to add a third party to the bedroom. She suggests that if he gets a bonus female, she should get the same with an extra man. But Justin shoots this idea down. Then laughs at her and mocks her when she’s upset. So, Nikki Sanders doubts whether this relationship is right for her. Although scenes from next week show that she’s still in Moldova. Till next time!

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