90 Day Fiance: Anali Using Clayton?

Anali Vallejos‘ behavior has 90 Day Fiance fans speculating that she is using Clayton Clark. Is she marrying for love — or does she have other motives?

90 Day Fiance: Anali Vallejos Ready to End Relationship with Clayton Clark?

Anali Vallejos has been in a relationship with Clayton Clark for over two years. However, she hasn’t told her father that she is in America planning to marry him. He doesn’t know why she won’t come clean to her father, which is bothering him. So, he confronts her about it. But she storms off and locks herself in the bathroom.

The 90 Day Fiance cast member asks his soon-to-be wife to explain why she feels the way she does. He wants her to tell her father about him. However, he thinks that she avoids anything that is difficult for her. He explains that she likes to shut down or give him ultimatums.

Anali opens the door and tells Clayton she wants him to stop talking. The TLC star explains that she has reached her limit. She feels overwhelmed and wants to “throw everything away” and go home and hug her mother. She thinks that he will never understand her or respect her decisions. And, if he isn’t willing to do that, she would prefer to end their relationship.

Anali Makes Relationship with Clayton Online Official

Clayton explains to Anali that he feels she is hiding him, which happened to him in a previous relationship. He adds that they didn’t want to post anything about him online. And now it seems like she is doing the same since she doesn’t want to post anything about him on her social media.

Clayton Clark | TLC

The 90 Day Fiance castmate explains that she knows about his past about not being shared online. And how that has led to him being cheated on. He is seeing patterns. However, he feels it can be resolved quickly if she understands his feelings. But he doesn’t think she does.

Clayton asks Anali if she will post a picture of him. She tells him that she hasn’t in the past because her father doesn’t know about their relationship. But she wants to make him happy. So, she will do it for him.

Anali posts a picture of the two and writes a sweet message about how much he means to her. He feels that she is finally hearing him and understanding him. He is happy that she would post a picture of them online.

90 Day Fiance: Anali Vallejos
Anali Vallejos | TLC

90 Day Fiance Celeb Not Marrying for Love?

Anali Vallejos keeping Clayton Clark a secret from her father has fans speculating why. Many people feel that she is using him. One person says she has “no intentions of staying” with him. Another person thinks her dad would be “against her using him to stay in America.” So, she that’s why she’s not telling him the truth.

However, the 90 Day Fiance celeb posting a picture of her relationship online could mean she is one step closer to telling her father the truth. Is she marrying Clayton for love — or is there another motive?

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