What A Kismat

Chandu (Yudhvir) is not a Dreamer who Loses but a Loser who Dreams. His wife Aarti (Vaishnavi) is fed up of him and their marriage is on the verge of breaking down, his frustrated boss (Bharat Dabholkar) is about to throw him out of his job and the ‘other girl’ (Mansi), who he likes, doesn’t even acknowledge his existence. But the saying, ‘khuda meherbaan toh gadha pehelwaan’ fits Chandu perfectly. A twist of fate and the ‘other girl’ is in his arms. Although his wife disowns him, he gets so much money that Chandu had never even dreamt of and if that is not enough, he is declared dead. But the ecstatic Chandu doesn’t realize that fate has just started to play games with him. Soon he is being chased by an overzealous reporter (Srikant), an over enthusiastic Inspector (Ronit) and the over smart SP (Tiku Talsania). They all want him dead. But Chandu hopes that fate has more to offer than this.

Who will be able to catch hold of him eventually? Will Chandu be able to save himself?

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