Vikrant Massey makes SHOCKING revelation about college friends ‘disrespecting’ him because of money; says, “Their behavior towards me changed after they saw my house”

Vikrant Massey is on a new career high with the intense love he received for 12th Fail. In fact, the actor has gone to win the Filmfare and at this moment, in an interaction, the actor recalled his journey of belonging to a middle-class family. In fact, he candidly opened up about the kind of ‘disrespect’ he faced from close ones because of lack of money and how it impacted him as a youngster.

In an interview called Unfiltered by Samdish, Vikrant Massey discussed about his relationship with money and how ‘lack of it’ was also one of the reasons which prompted him to opt for a career that is high on money. During this heartfelt conversation, Vikrant had no qualms in accepting that he hailed from a middle-class family with middle-class values and along with that, he recalled an incident of how he felt disrespected when his ‘close friends’ from college judged him on the basis of the house, he resided in which also made them change their behavior towards him.

A video snippet of the actor opening up about the incident was shared by one of the social media users on X, formerly known as Twitter, where in he is seen saying, “Meri maa bahut achha khana banati thi. Toh maine unko bulaya and I said ‘daawat pe aajao’. Jab woh ghar aaye aur unhone ghar ki disha dekhi, unhone dekha ki plastic ki khursiyaan hai ghar pe, paint chip ho raha hai, silan lagii hui hai ceiling pe, kitchen unke hisaab se aesthetically clean nahi tha, toh agle din se unka bartaav meri taraf badal gaya (My mom was an amazing cook. So I thought I would invite my friends for a nice meal. When they came home and looked at my house, they saw that we had plastic chairs, the paint was chipping off, and that our ceiling looked damp, the kitchen was not aesthetically clean, that’s when their behaviour towards me changed).”

disrespecting a poor friend is one the most disgusting things a human being can do….. ????
— Mr. Stark (@beingadhiraj) February 18, 2024

He went on to add about how BBM (Blackberry Messenger) was a trend those days and via chats he got to know about the kind of mean comments like ‘How can Vikrant stay at a house like that’ which were made by those ‘friends’. He also maintained that while he did want to confront them because he was young and added that it was the time when he realized the most that money is required for people to respect you.

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