Ulka Gupta says, “Have always loved kids, so I’m excited to play a mother on TV”, as she shares about her role in Main Hoon Saath Tere

Zee TV’s upcoming show – Main Hoon Saath Tere is set to take its viewers through the journey of a single mother, Janvi (Ulka Gupta), underlining the numerous sacrifices a mother has to make while doubling up as a parent. While the viewers are in for a rollercoaster ride of emotions, Ulka is excited to embrace the role of a mother for the first time in her acting career and is thrilled to have the child artist Nihan Jain as her on-screen son.

Revealing how she is nervous about playing a mother and asserting that it is not an easy job, Ulka Gupta mentioned about attending workshops to prepare for the character. The actress mentioned that as Janvi she would be exploring the uncharted territory of a mother’s heart, and is eager to discover how to portray a mother who delicately balances vulnerability and strength. Speaking about the same, Ulka Gupta said, “I have always loved kids, and stepping into the role of a mother for the first time on screen is really exciting. It is like embarking on an emotional journey, navigating the depths of love and sacrifice.

She continued further, “Initially, I was nervous about shooting with a child, but after the promo and the mock shoots, I have become more comfortable shooting with Nihan. He is such a hardworking and sweet boy, he helps me perform my scenes even better. Shooting scenes with him feels like a discovery for me as every scene is like a heartbeat that resonates with the universal essence of motherhood. I think of my own mother and find myself infusing some of her maternal touch into Janvi. I hope my fans and viewers enjoy my new avatar!”

Coming to the show, based in Gwalior, the show revolves around Janvi who lives with her son, Kian (Nihan Jain). He is the nucleus of her world but despite their strong bond, Kian experiences the void of a father’s presence more for his mother than himself. The plot thickens when Janvi crosses paths with an affluent businessman Aryaman and the two end up working under the same roof. As their friendship grows, Kian plays a catalyst in the relationship between his single mother and the man who loves her.

Produced by Full House Media, Main Hoon Saath Tere promises to provide viewers with an innocent take on love, life, and relationships, and it will premiere soon on Zee TV.

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