Twinkle Khanna REACTS to Zomato’s “Pure veg” fiasco: “It has connotations of caste, hierarchy, and untouchability”

Twinkle Khanna, author and former actress, has offered her perspective on the recent controversy surrounding Zomato’s “pure veg” delivery initiative. In a column for The Times of India, Khanna acknowledged Zomato’s perceived business strategy: identifying a potential market gap and capitalising on it. However, she spoke about the cultural implications overlooked by the “pure veg” terminology.

The actress-turned-author highlights the distinction between “pure veg” and labels like “vegetarian” or “vegan.” She argues that “pure veg” carries connotations of caste, hierarchy, and untouchability, potentially offending in the Indian social context.

She compares words to a “scalpel” or a “dagger,” depending on their usage and potential impact. The unintended consequences of Zomato’s word choice serve as a cautionary tale. The 50-year-old author concludes by shedding light on the power of words to bridge divides or stir emotions. She encourages mindful communication, suggesting that well-chosen words can build understanding.

An excerpt of her caption read, “On the surface, it seemed like a solution crafted for people with specific dietary requirements, but underneath that layer, they forgot that ‘pure veg’, unlike vegetarian or vegan, has connotations of caste, hierarchy, and untouchability. Communication is a serrated tool; it can be a healing scalpel or a dagger depending on how you use it, and that still doesn’t take into account how good your aim is.”

For the unversed, the Zomato controversy unfolded in March 2024. The company’s initial plan included a separate delivery fleet for vegetarian orders, distinguished by green uniforms. Following significant backlash online, Zomato backtracked, removing the green branding and renaming the service “veg only.” Delivery personnel also retained the standard red uniforms.

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