The UP Files

The UP Files is a Political drama film inspired by true events in UP . The film is a blend of fiction and reality. The story starts with Abhay Singh (Manoj Joshi) receiving a call from the party High command office, informing him about his selection as chief minister of UP, with this news there is a sense of joy in the state. The topmost priority of Abhay Singh is to establish law and order in the state of UP. He implements and executes rules to curb crime and corruption. He fights for religious reform for the betterment of deprived women. He mends the system within the bureaucracy in favour of a common man. He sweeps the illegally encroached property with the help of bulldozers and demolishes the bhoomi mafias. And most importantly he attacks crimes and criminals by taking blatant decisions and unprecedented actions.

There are three main villains he fights with in the state ,Abdullah Shaikh , Anees Khan and Shadab Liyaqat.

The story begins with sick Pradesh that’s engulfed with crime and criminals and its transformation to a Ram Raj Pradesh devoid of Gundaraaj.

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