Superstar Singer 3: 12-year-old singer ignites passion for singing in Meenakshi Seshadri

This Saturday, Sony Entertainment Television’s homegrown kids singing reality show, Superstar Singer 3, will welcome yesteryear star, Meenakshi Seshadri. In a heartfelt tribute to the Bollywood icon, the stage will come alive with some soul-stirring melodies of folk music in the ‘Meenakshi Seshadri Special’ episode. Under the guidance of Super Judge Neha Kakkar and the esteemed captains’ panel, the little dynamite will deliver some captivating performances, compelling Meenakshi to take a walk down memory lane and she will share interesting anecdotes about her acting career, making for a delightful watch.

The exceptionally talented 12-year-old, Atharv Bakshi from Hazaribagh, Jharkhand will leave everyone in awe of his rendition of ‘Jab Se Tumko Dekha Hai Sanam’ from the film Damini. Super Judge Neha Kakkar complimented him after the act, saying, “Atharva, I can’t recall a single performance where you’ve missed a beat. Each time you grace the stage, you leave us thoroughly impressed. Your consistency is unmatched with every song, making us a devoted fan of yours. It’s a joy to witness your talent shine on our show. Who knows, Superstar Singer might soon be synonymous with Atharva. You’re truly gifted, and I feel blessed to be a part of your journey. Keep shining, Atharva.”

His captivating performance not only garnered unanimous praise from the captains, and the Super Judge, but also from the revered actress Meenakshi Seshadri as well. Captivated by the performance, Meenakshi Seshadri said, “Oh my god, you poured your heart and soul into this song with so much emotion, capturing every detail with such finesse. Singing romantic songs may seem easy, but it’s quite challenging because bringing out the expressions and conveying the true meaning of the words requires a skilled singer, and you’ve demonstrated that beautifully. “

The veteran actress further added, “But another feeling is arising within me now, as I watch these talented singers, I’m reminded of my childhood when I had learned music like them, but I didn’t pursue it seriously because I always prioritized dance. Balancing both is quite difficult, but today, at this stage, I’m feeling the urge to sing. So, as the tradition of guru and shishya is being followed here, I’d like to ask Atharv if he could play the role of the Guru for me, and I become his student. Could you teach me something please?”

With excitement, Atharv accepts her request and teaches Meenakshi ji a few lines, which compels Super Judge Neha Kakkar to say, “I’m truly overwhelmed, it was such a heartwarming experience when Meenakshi Mam asked Atharva to teach her a few lines. It’s such a significant gesture, considering she’s a superstar herself. The song she sang was incredibly beautiful and filled us with joy. God bless you, Mam. So beautiful.”

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