Suniel Shetty revs up eco-friendly engine with new electric car; see pic

In a refreshing contrast to the typical Bollywood celebrity flaunting their latest gas-guzzling luxury car, action hero Suniel Shetty has taken a decidedly eco-friendly turn with his recent acquisition: a swanky electric Comet. This move aligns perfectly with Shetty’s advocacy for environmental conservation and sustainability.

Shetty’s excitement about his new ride was palpable as he shared picture of the car on his social media. The sleek, futuristic design of the Comet is certainly eye-catching, but it’s the car’s eco-friendly credentials that truly resonated with the environmentally conscious actor. “My first EV “The MG COMET “… love it !!,” Shetty captioned one of his posts, succinctly summarizing his environmental philosophy. In a world where celebrities are often associated with conspicuous consumption, Shetty’s choice of an electric car sends a powerful message about the importance of making sustainable choices.


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This isn’t just a one-off gesture for Shetty. He has been a vocal proponent of environmental causes for years, actively participating in awareness campaigns and promoting eco-friendly practices. His commitment to sustainability extends beyond mere words; he has also invested in renewable energy projects and implemented green initiatives at his production house.

Shetty’s decision to go electric is sure to inspire not just his fans but also his fellow celebrities. With its blend of style, performance, and environmental consciousness, the Comet is proof that eco-friendly vehicles can be just as desirable as their gas-guzzling counterparts. Perhaps, Shetty’s electric car will spark a trend towards sustainable transportation choices in the Indian film industry and beyond.

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