Sonam Kapoor decodes Anil Kapoor’s health secrets behind youthful looks: “My father is an extreme”

Sonam Kapoor recently offered a glimpse into the Kapoor family’s lifestyle at the launch of Dr. Shiv K. Saran’s book, Own Your Body: A Doctor’s Life-saving Tips. She described her father, veteran actor Anil Kapoor, as an “extreme one” who abstains from smoking and drinking, attributing his youthful appearance to genetics and a healthy lifestyle.

“My father is an extreme,” Sonam explained, “He doesn’t drink, smoke or don’t do anything. Boney chachu loves the good life, he loves to eat, and occasionally he likes to drink, and Sanjay chachu is a moderate one, in between. But they all are good looking healthy men.”

Sonam even credited her grandfather, film producer Surinder Kapoor, with maintaining his youthful appearance till his passing in 2011. “Besides his white hair,” she said, “he looked the same.”

However, Sonam also acknowledged a key factor contributing to Anil Kapoor’s youthful energy in his 60s – her mother, Sunita Kapoor. “Honestly, since I remember my mom started the first personal training gym in Mumbai,” Sonam revealed. “This was many many years ago… So it is my mother who has been very very healthy from the very beginning. Very health conscious. My dad would love to indulge sometimes but my mother kind of controls him like a very good Indian wife,” she added with a laugh.

Coming to the professional front, Anil is currently seen in Fighter, directed by Siddharth Anand. The film, which was released on January 25, also stars Hrithik Roshan and Deepika Padukone. Meanwhile, Sonam was last seen in Blind. It was released directly on JioCinema on July 7, 2023.

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