Shah Rukh Khan seeks police protection after receiving death threats; gets upgraded to Y+ security

Bollywood facing the wrath of the underworld has been a rather infamous 90s phenomena and it seems that it has returned to haunt the superstars yet again, especially Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan. While the blackbuck case resulted in Salman and his family receiving death threats until today, the threats for Shah Rukh Khan seems to have returned after his stupendous success post Jawan and Pathaan. And now the actor has been provided with Y+ security.

Readers would be aware that Shah Rukh Khan has received record breaking success in 2023 with him being the only Indian actor to have garnered to two massive blockbusters consecutively. Post that, the actor seems to have approached the Mumbai police to seek protection wherein he revealed that he has been receiving death threats, after which the police sprung into action and provided him Y+ security cover, The said cover includes six armed personnel around the clock unlike his usual security which only included two officers. After Salman Khan was provided with the same security earlier this year after he received death threats from Lawrence Bishnoi and his gang, Shah Rukh Khan is the next actor to have received this recently.

Earlier, in a post shared by Sanjay Gupta, the filmmaker had appreciated Shah Rukh Khan not only in his film Jawan but also his ability to stand up and speak up against wrong doings. He had also recalled the time when Bollywood including Shah Rukh Khan received several threats from the underworld in the 90s, and how the superstar refused to bow down. He had written in his tweet, “I saw JAWAN. I feel compelled to share this. Back in the 90’s when the underworld bullying of the film stars was at its peak @iamsrk was THE ONLY star who never gave in. “Goli marni hai mar do, par tumhaare liye kaam nahin karoonga. Main Pathan hoon.” He said. He’s the same today.”

Shah Rukh Khan starrer Jawan showcases the superstar in the role of a police officer who takes drastic steps to seek justice by raising an army to fight the war in the most unconventional ways.

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