Sai Tamhankar launches her clothing line Madame S on her birthday

As Sai Tamhankar celebrates another year of life, she is marking the special occasion by embarking on an exciting new venture. The actress, recently in the news for her role in Nagraj Manjule’s upcoming film Matka King, has announced the launch of her clothing line ‘Madame S’ on her birthday.

In discussing the inspiration behind ‘Madame S’, Sai credits Merch Garage for its pivotal role in motivating her to start her own brand. “Honestly, the credit goes to Merch Garage, as they inspired and motivated me for this, and my team carried it out wonderfully,” she shared.


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Reflecting on whether ‘Madame S’ mirrors her personality and beliefs, especially with its unique slogans, Sai enthusiastically confirms it. “There are some words and phrases which I personally use in day-to-day life. Some quotes that I truly stand by, like ‘आवडेल ते बजेट’ which means ‘If you like it, we’ll make it happen!’ So I think ‘Madame S’ reflects my personality traits!”

Launching the brand on her birthday, Sai expressed her desire to give back to her fans in a meaningful way. “Honestly, this is a return gift for my beloved fans from me. This way, they can create memories with my merch, and they’ll have something to cherish.”

Beyond her entrepreneurial pursuits, Sai’s acting career continues to flourish. She has been associated with Excel Entertainment for two intriguing projects — Ground Zero and Agni. In addition to these, audiences can also anticipate her performance in the multi-starrer Dabba Cartel.
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