Ryan Edwards: Answers to All of Your Questions About the Worst Baby Daddy In Teen Mom …

The Teen Mom franchise has introduced us to many, many terrible parents over the years.

And Ryan Edwards might be the very worst of the bunch.

He has some mighty stiff competition in the form of Farrah Abraham, Jenelle Evans, David Eason, Adam Lind, and several others.

But we think Ryan wins just for the sheer amount of time he’s spent in jail in recent years.

Ryan consumed many beverages on camera during his years as an MTV star. (Photo Credit: MTV)

At the moment, Edwards is in court-ordered rehab, having been furloughed from his current prison sentence in order to seek treatment.

We hope that he’ll be able to take advantage of this second chance, but considering the number of times he’s fled rehab in the past, the odds might not be in his favor.

Still, addicts get clean and turn their lives around every day, and despite the many, many horrible things he’s done in the past, Ryan has a lot of people rooting for him.

Ryan Edwards MTV Photo
Ryan Edwards has had many brushes with the law. (Photo Credit: MTV)

What sort of horrible things, you ask?

Well, let’s take a trip down memory lane with the goal of offering up some …

Answers to the Most Common Questions About Ryan Edwards

Ryan Edwards Teen Mom Photo
Ryan Edwards is bugging out about something in this photo. It’s from an episode of Teen Mom. (Photo Credit: MTV)

We’ll start with the most important question of all.

(Although it’s one that Ryan has probably been unable to answer himself during some of his wildest benders.)

Who Is Ryan Edwards?

Edwards, Ryan (Teen Mom)
Ryan Edwards of Teen Mom OG fame. (Photo Credit: MTV)

Ryan Edwards first gained fame as the fiancé of 16 and Pregnant star Maci Bookout.

As Maci went on to become a full-blown reality star on MTV’s Teen Mom (later Teen Mom OG), the relationship deteriorated, but Ryan tagged along and became infamous in his own right.

Of course, Edwards and Bookout have a teenage son together, so their lives remain intertwined.

Even after Ryan and Maci went their separate ways, he continued to appear on the show that had brought them both fame, but now, he spent most of his screen time horrifying viewers with his abhorrent behavior.

Edwards has done a lot of living in the years since Maci kicked him to the curb, but not in a good way.

How Old Is Ryan Edwards?

Ryan Edwards has a v ery complicated relationship with his teenage son, Bentley. (Photo Credit: MTV)

Ryan Edwards was born on January 3, 1988, which makes him 35 years old.

Yes, his gray hair and mile-long rap sheet might lead you to the conclusion that he’s much older, but Ryan has simply crammed a whole lot of debauchery into his relatively young life.

And now, it seems that all of those years of living with the pedal to the floor have finally caught up with him:

What Did Ryan Edwards Do? Why Is Ryan Edwards in Jail?

This is another Ryan Edwards mug shot. We’ve lost track how many it’s been now for him. (Photo Credit: Hamilton County Sheriff)

In early 2022, Ryan Edwards was sentenced to a year in prison on charges of stalking and harassing his estranged wife, Mackenzie Standifer, with whom he shares two children.

Of course, it’s possible that he’ll wind up with a much longer sentence.

You see, Ryan has been arrested many times over the years, and he was already on probation at the time of his latest brush with the law.

After Ryan trashed Mackenzie’s house to the point that it was no longer livable, police found him in his car, passed out from an apparent overdose.

Ryan Edwards is in trouble with the law once again. (Photo Credit: Hamilton County Sheriff)

Thankfully, they were able to revive him with Narcan, but Ryan is now awaiting trial on further charges, thanks to the large quantity of heroin the cops found in his glove compartment.

So yeah, it might be a very long time before Edwards is a free man.

Of course, it’s also possible that Ryan will end up with a lighter sentence.

As longtime Teen Mom fans are aware, Edwards has skipped out of rehab several times.

Ryan Edwards of Teen Mom OG fame. Dude has some serious problems but we continue to wish him the best. (Photo Credit: MTV)

In fact, Edwards missed the birth of one of his children because he was in treatment — a sacrifice that would have been worthwhile if he had completed treatment and stayed sober. He didn’t.

But the generous judge in his latest case has offered Ryan one more chance to get clean.

If he can convince the court that he’s committed to staying sober, Edwards is likely to be looking at a much lighter sentence.

Unfortunately, that’s a very big if.

Ryan and Mackenzie in happier times. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Is Ryan Edwards Still Married?

Technically, Ryan is still married to his wife of six years, Mackenzie Standifer, but the couple is estranged, and insiders say they’re headed for divorce.

While that’s certainly sad, especially since Ryan and Mackenzie have two kids together, it’s definitely for the best.

The marriage got off to a rocky start when Ryan passed out behind the wheel on his wedding day, a frightening incident that was captured by Teen Mom cameras.

Mackenzie Standifer, Ryan Edwards
Mackenzie Standifer and Ryan Edwards on their way to their wedding. (Photo Credit: MTV)

The couple later had a wedding re-do, but the marriage was still a disaster.

Ryan remained on drugs and continued to run afoul of local authorities.

Many wives would have packed it in if their husband got arrested with 14 syringes and a large quantity of heroin after vowing to get clean, but Mackenzie stood by her man.

Mackenzie finally dumped Ryan earlier this year, but only after he publicly accused her of cheating, destroyed their house as an act of revenge, and got arrested for stalking and harassing her.

You can’t say she didn’t try!

Ryan and Mackenzie in 2021
Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer are headed for divorce court. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

How Many Kids Does Ryan Edwards Have?

Ryan Edwards has a son, Bentley, by Maci Bookout, another son, Jagger, and a daughter, Stella, by Mackenzie Standifer, making the troubled former reality star a father of three.

Ryan’s troubled relationship with Bentley has been documented on many episodes of Teen Mom, and fans have frequently been horrified by Edwards’ abusive behavior toward his eldest son.

Amazingly, Maci says the relationship between father and son has actually improved since Ryan’s latest arrest.

Here’s hoping that trend will continue once Dad becomes a free man.

Ryan Edwards: Does He Play ANY Role In Bentley's Upbringing?
Ryan Edwards has a very troubled relationship with his eldest son, Bentley. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Where Does Ryan Edwards Work?

Currently, Ryan Edwards is unemployed, which makes sense, as it’s not easy to hold down a job while you’re doing time for stalking and harassing your ex.

Ryan was fired from Teen Mom OG back in 2021, reportedly at Maci’s behest.

Following his termination, Edwards seemingly lived off of his savings — he has an estimated net worth of $500,000 — in combination with Mackenzie’s income.

Ryan has publicly and repeatedly accused his wife, Mackenzie Standifer, of being unfaithful. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Ryan returned to the franchise with the launch of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter, but his tenure was short-lived, as his legal troubles interfered with filming.

It’s unclear if Ryan will be permitted to return to the Teen Mom-iverse once he’s released from prison, but that’s probably not his main concern at the moment.

Where Is Ryan Edwards Now?

Ryan Edwards With His Family
Ryan Edwards poses with his family in much happier times. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

At the moment, Ryan Edwards resides in an undisclosed inpatient rehab facility somewhere in Tennessee.

He’ll remain there until August 12, at which point, he’ll return to court, where a judge will evaluate his progress and decide his fate.

Edwards has been locked up several times in recent years, and his marriage has endured many ups and downs as a result.

Ryan and Mackenzie and Kids
Ryan Edwards poses with wife Mackenzie Standifer and their children. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

But this time, it looks like he’s finally hit rock bottom.

Mackenzie has filed for divorce, and the judge in Ryan’s case has made it clear that he has just one more chance to get sober.

Of course, Ryan needs to get clean for many reasons, not only because his legal situation demands it.

It’s no exaggeration to say that the man’s life is in danger.

Ryan Edwards' Gray Hair
Ryan Edwards has looked better. The Teen Mom star’s recent appearance is raising many questions … none of them good. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Did Ryan Edwards Overdose on Drugs?

In April of 2023, Ryan Edwards suffered an overdose that nearly claimed his life.

Police found Ryan passed out in his car, and while he was later taken into custody, it might have been the luckiest arrest in history.

An ambulance was called to the scene, and EMTs were able to revive Ryan with Narcan before rushing him to a nearby hospital.

Ryan Edwards is BACK on Teen Mom: The Next Chapter! But that’s not necessarily a good thing. (Photo Credit: MTV)

We’re sure Ryan experienced very mixed emotions upon being told that he had survived a brush with death, but would now be taken to jail.

Similarly, we have very mixed emotions when it comes to Ryan.

He’s behaved atrociously over the years, but he’s also suffered mightily as a result of his addiction and mental health issues.

We’re still hoping he’ll be able to turn things around — mostly because his kids deserve a stable, healthy father.

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