Rupali Ganguly pens heartfelt note for Anupamaa co-star Sagar Parekh as he quits the Star Plus show

In a dramatic turn of events, the popular TV show Anupamaa has left viewers in shock with an unexpected twist in its storyline. Samar, portrayed by Sagar Parekh, is set to meet a tragic fate as he valiantly sacrifices himself to save Anuj. This unforeseen plot development has stirred emotions among fans, who are deeply attached to the characters and their relationships on the show.

Amidst this heart-wrenching twist, Rupali Ganguly, who essays the role of Anupamaa, has penned a poignant note dedicated to Sagar Parekh. The bond between Anupamaa and Samar has been a cherished aspect of the show.

She recalled how this particular bond was the first one she formed when she shot the show’s initial promo. Praising Samar’s character, Rupali stated that Samar played a pivotal role in empowering Anupamaa to spread her wings and discover her true potential.

The emotional resonance of the mother-son relationship deepened when Sagar Parekh joined the cast. Rupali expressed admiration for his portrayal of Samar and singled out a poignant kitchen scene from a recent episode, describing it as “heartbreaking,” “emotionally draining,” and “exhausting” as Anupamaa bid a tearful farewell to her beloved son.


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Sagar Parekh reciprocated the sentiment, reflecting on his initial meeting with Rupali Ganguly and the encouragement she provided during his first shot for Anupamaa. He acknowledged the strong bond they share both on and off-screen and expressed gratitude for the learning experience he has gained from the show and its team. Sagar also thanked Rupali for treating him like her own son on the set and expressed his appreciation for Rajan Shahi and Director’s Kut Productions, referring to them as his home away from home.

The emotional note concluded with a hint of anticipation, leaving fans eager to witness the unfolding events in the show. As the Anupamaa storyline takes unexpected turns, it continues to evoke heartfelt emotions and resonates deeply with viewers, reaffirming the power of storytelling and the bonds formed on and off the screen.

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