Raashii Khanna hopes ‘Zindagi Tere Naam’ inspires travel to Manali after Yodha release

The first song, ‘Zindagi Tere Naam,’ from the upcoming action thriller Yodha, featuring Sidharth Malhotra and Raashii Khanna, has captivated audiences with its scenic visuals and romantic charm. But for Khanna, the song holds a deeper meaning, as it ignited her own desire to explore the breathtaking beauty of Manali, the film’s shooting location.

“Manali bahot hi khubsurat jagah hai aur mai kabhi nahi gayi thi [Manali is such a beautiful place, and I had never been there],” Khanna expressed at the song’s launch. “As an actor, it’s a blessing that we get to explore such amazing places.”

The song’s music video showcases the picturesque backdrop of Manali, where Malhotra and Khanna’s characters embark on adventures like hiking, camping, and bike rides. The idyllic setting serves as a perfect canvas for their blossoming romance, further fuelling Khanna’s hope for the film’s impact.

“I hope logo ko chemistry humari pasand aae [I hope people like our chemistry],” Khanna said, highlighting the on-screen bond between the two actors. “Hume shoot karte waqt bahot maza aaya [We had a lot of fun shooting]. As he said, itni saari locations thi, aur humney itna sab shoot kar liya tha [There were so many locations, and we shot so much]. It’s like anoy other European place you go to. I hope iss gaane ke baad aur log Manali dekhne jaae [I hope after this song, more people go to see Manali].”


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The film’s release has been a journey of several detours. Initially slated for November 11, 2022, it faced multiple postponements. The makers first pushed the date to July 2023, then to September 15, followed by December 15, and finally settled on a brief release on December 8, 2023. Now, after careful consideration, the film gears up for its final release on March 15, 2024.

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