OnePlus 12R Review: Bridging the Gap Between Affordable and Flagship?

Top: 0.6x using the Ultrawide, 1x and 2x from main camera: Bottom: Lowlight samples


Coming to the 8-megapixel ultrawide, I noticed something strange when taking pictures of landscapes. Even in good lighting, there was always some blur in the images. When the subject is closer, the ultra-wide produces good images without any blur. However, the ultrawide performs poorly in low light. Photos have a lot of noise and aren’t really usable.

Macro mode uses the 2-megapixel sensor


OnePlus could’ve done away with the 2-megapixel Macro camera, but if you like to take close-up photos of objects, you can. The macro camera produces good enough images. The selfie camera shoots good pictures with enough details for social media. However, it can sometimes struggle in low light. Luckily, you get a screen fill light feature that helps. The Portrait shots have good edge detection, but there are no 1x or 2x options.

Video performance on the OnePlus 12R is good but not great. You can shoot videos at up to 4K resolution and 60fps; however, the Ultra steady mode is only available in 1080p and 60fps. The video quality is pretty good in daylight conditions, and the stabilisation is good as well. In low light, you will notice some glitching and noise. The colours and dynamic range are good from the primary rear camera. Ultra-wide performs okay during the day, and videos shot with the camera in lowlight scenarios have a lot of noise. The selfie camera can shoot 1080p 30fps videos and performs well during the day.

OnePlus 12R Review: Verdict

The OnePlus 12R is an excellent smartphone with a decent camera. A couple of other similarly priced phones in the segment may offer a better camera, but as an overall package, you cannot go wrong with this phone. It has a great display, excellent performance, good speakers, fast wired charging, and a long-lasting battery; it doesn’t heat up much when gaming and the primary camera performs well in daylight.

So yes, the OnePlus 12R does bridge the gap between affordable and flagship. I’d totally recommend it to anyone who’s looking for a taste of flagship performance and features but doesn’t want to spend flagship-like money. At a starting price of Rs. 39,999, it’s a blind buy.

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