Namashi Chakraborty signs Mahesh Bhatt’s production; reveals his production house’s ambitious plans

He has been acting since he was 11 or so—in theater, live Improv Comedy and standup comedy. But the world saw Namashi Chakraborty for the first time last year in Bad Boy, the Rajkumar Santoshi romantic comedy. The third son of the legendary Mithun Chakraborty, Namashi says that acting is in his very being. And after a big name like Santoshi, Namashi has now signed Mahesh Bhatt’s next production, written and directed by the latter’s protégé whose name cannot be revealed as yet. “It is a dramatic thriller, which is all that I can say until it is formally announced—soon,” he said.

But that is by no means all. Namashi has launched his own production outfit, MYRND Movies, which will make short films (two are ready, the third is in production) and a web series. In 2025, he will launch their first film.

Said the youngster, “My banner’s name has all the letters of our family members: the letter M stands for my dad, my brother Mimoh and sister-in-law Madalsa (Mimoh’s actress-wife), Y is for mom Yogeeta Bali, R for my brother Remo, N for me and D for my sister, Dishani. All of us are creatively involved in ideating, and we have tall ambitions: we want to make cinema across all languages.”

Namashi added that as of now, all the three short films are based on his concepts. “The first one, Bahar Aa Chaman Prakash, co-stars Amole Gupte with me and has been loved by all those who have watched it. It is directed by Aniket Dabas, Raj-ji’s first assistant on my film, Bad Boy. The second film, Titli, is directed by former journalist Swapnil Raje, who is a humongous talent, and the newcomer cast matches him. The third film will be Izhaar, which is a thriller directed by Shrikant Vats with me as the lead.”

Namashi went on, “In May, we will be taking off with my web series, which is a romantic comedy with a social message, because I think such awareness is important nowadays. And in February 2025, my film will be launched. It is a thriller drama with me and is directed by Biplab Goswami, who wrote Laapataa Ladies. I have known Biplab since before Aamir Khan-sir read that story, which was then titled Two Brides!”

MYRND Movies will also be a platform to launch new talents in every field, especially writers. But what about Namashi’s family of actors? “My brother Mimoh will also do a project, and as for my father, he just says, ‘Bring me a script that I cannot refuse!’ And I have this dream of even making my mom make a comeback at least for one film! When I told her that, she just stared at me, but she must do one good role at least!” he said.

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