Mona Singh cheers for small-budget films 12th Fail, Laapataa Ladies and Munjya: “Audience has once again praised the content”

The recently released horror comedy Munjya has not only been entertaining audiences but also achieved a remarkable milestone, crossing the Rs 100 crores mark globally. Despite her limited screen time in the movie, Mona Singh’s impressive portrayal of her character Pammi has left a lasting impression on viewers.

On the occasion of Munjya reaching this impressive financial benchmark, Mona Singh shared her thoughts, saying, “It’s an Indian folklore that has not been explored before. I am really happy and overwhelmed with the kind of response and love the audience has been showering upon my character Pammi and the film. I am also happy to witness the change the movie has resulted in, bringing a good number of footfalls to cinema halls.”

Mona’s delightful performance is quite interesting as she reflects on the broader impact of Munjya. She highlighted the trend of small-budget films finding success in theatres, citing examples like 12th Fail and Laapataa Ladies. “Small-budget films like 12th Fail and Laapataa Ladies have performed well in theatres. And now, it’s Munjya where the audience has once again praised the content. I am grateful to the audience for being so kind in showing their love and support all these years and appreciating the choices that I have made as an actor.”

The film’s unique narrative, rooted in Indian folklore, combined with its compelling performances, has struck a chord with audiences across the country. Mona’s portrayal of Pammi has been instrumental in enhancing the film’s appeal, demonstrating her ability to leave a significant impact with a nuanced performance.

Looking ahead, Mona is set to entertain the audience in her upcoming projects including Ma Kasam, Pan Parda Zarda and several other unannounced ventures.

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