Microsoft Copilot AI Chatbot to Get New Features, Will Complete and Rewrite User Prompts

Microsoft will soon introduce new artificial intelligence (AI) features that will help users who struggle with writing prompts or getting the desired result from its Copilot chatbot in one go. On Wednesday, the tech giant announced that it is working on several new features all designed to assist in improving Copilot results. These features include auto-complete, rewrite, and catch-up. Additionally, it is also working on a Copilot Lab feature that will help organisations get tailor-made prompts for their specific work needs.

In a blog post made by Microsoft and its subsidiary LinkedIn, the companies highlighted how AI has impacted the workspace. The post shared various reports and statistics highlighting how AI is creating new jobs, and pushing professionals towards upskilling and switching jobs to enter the AI space. It also mentioned several new features the tech giant was working on which targeted at those who struggle with writing prompts.

Elaborating on the problem, Microsoft said, “For many, staring down that empty prompt box feels like facing a blank page: Where should I even start? Today, we’re announcing Copilot for Microsoft 365 innovations to help our customers answer that question.”

The first feature is auto-complete. This feature will allow Copilot to show suggestions to complete a prompt. For example, if a user types “summarise”, the chatbot will show “last ten emails” and several other suggestions. The user can then pick one of them and quickly get to the result. Another such feature is called rewrite. This is aimed at those who struggle to get the desired result in the first iteration and write multiple follow-up prompts to fine-tune Copilot’s response.

Copilot will get a new button for rewriting prompts and once the user has written a basic description of what they want, it will modify it to add more details, specific instructions, and elaboration to help the AI get the right context. Finally, there is a catch-up feature. It is a new chat interface that will show users personal insights based on their recent activity. It will also show recommendations. For instance, if there is a meeting coming up, the chatbot will suggest the user go through the notes. These features will be available to the paid users of Microsoft 365 in the coming months.

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