Love During Lockup: Raneka Hit with Massive Bombshell

Love During Lockup newbie Raneka is putting everything on the line for her inmate love Asonta. However, things take a wrong turn soon on the hit WEtv reality spinoff.

Love During Lockup: Raneka Head over Heels for Asonta

On the new season of Love During Lockup, newcomer Raneka has high hopes for a future with her incarcerated man Asonta. Currently, she lives in Louisville, Kentucky, with her mom and two daughters Rickyah who is 15 years old, and Jahara, who’s 13.

She owns five eyelash vending machines that generate about $20,000 per year. Plus, she raps on the side. Meanwhile, Asonta is behind bars at Hancock State Prison in Georgia, where he’s serving time for robbery and grand theft auto.

Love During Lockup | WEtv

Raneka sends him $2,000 to $2,500 a month. He has been in prison for four years, and he’s been talking to Raneka for the last 13 months. But he’s set to be released soon.

He thinks she’s the one and she is ready for a ring and a fairy tale wedding. Raneka is happy and makes a good living where she is. But she is turning her life upside down and risking everything for love.

WEtv Star Risking it All

Love During Lockup star Raneka is taking a huge leap of faith soon. She’s packing her bags and moving to Atlanta, Georgia, with her daughters to be there when Asonta gets out of prison.

Raneka doesn’t have a job lined up yet, but she’s not letting that stop her. She says that’s the easy part. She plans to provide for Asonta while he gets back on his feet and is confident they have a bright future ahead.

However, her friends and family are not convinced on Love During Lockup. They think she’s crazy for upending her entire life for a man she’s never met in person.

Furthermore, Raneka’s friend thinks that he could be lying about everything. And she might be on to something because soon Raneka is in for a shock.

Raneka Blindsided on Love During Lockup

Coming up this season, those close to Raneka think Asonta might be talking to other women. And they could very well be right because she gets a call from someone claiming to be Asonta’s girlfriend.

Later, she lashes out at someone and causes a scene in public. But it doesn’t look like she will give up easily because she says Asonta is her man and is willing to risk everything for him.

The new season is intense and full of drama. Don’t miss a minute of the WEtv reality series to see if Raneka and her man will go the distance.

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