Karan Johar hits back at troll suggesting a “Bahu” for his mom’s “time pass”; says “My mother co-parents my children with me”

Karan Johar, the renowned director and producer in the Bollywood film industry, is no stranger to online trolling. Despite usually ignoring such comments, he recently took to his Instagram stories to address a specific remark made by a troll that he found particularly offensive.

In response to a comment suggesting that he should find a daughter-in-law for his mother’s “time pass,” Karan Johar expressed his displeasure. He stated, “Firstly, no ‘bahu’ should be a time pass for anyone’s mother… a bahu is a label which comes with ridiculous regressive baggage… she is an individual in her own right and can pass her time how she likes personally and professionally… also to everyone I would like to add my mother coparents my children with me and doesn’t need any ‘time pass’… her life is complete by the love we receive from her and do our best to give it back with all our heart! And bringing in a ‘bahu’ Is not an option to whoever is concerned about my relationship status! My children are blessed to have my mother guide us all… and in life if I were to have a partner I would do so to fill my void not anyone else’s! Thank you for listening!”

This incident reflected Karan Johar’s commitment to challenging regressive mindsets and promoting a more progressive and inclusive perspective, both within the film industry and in society at large. As a public figure, he continues to use his platform to address issues related to gender stereotypes and encourage positive change.

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