Jawan Advance Booking Report: Shah Rukh Khan starrer rakes in USD 401,755 from advance bookings in USA; records sale of 26,765 tickets across 2050 shows

The much talked about and keenly anticipated release Jawan is making headlines as the release date draws near. Starring Shah Rukh Khan, Nayantara, and Vijay Sethupati the Atlee directorial might just be the most anticipated release of the year. Now, just days before its release, advance booking for the film have opened in both the domestic and international markets. And no surprisingly, the tickets are selling like hot cakes. After seeing one of the highest rates of advance booking in the domestic market, in the overseas market of USA, Jawan has been enjoying a similar trend.

As per reports, Jawan has managed to sell 26,765 tickets across 2050 shows in 524 locations. Thanks to this, the film has already raked in USD 401,755 [Rs. 3.32 cr.] for its first day alone from advance bookings. If that was not enough, Jawan enjoys monstrous trending within this market and has recorded higher rate of advance bookings as compared to Shah Rukh Khan’s previous release Pathaan. Currently, Jawan look set to emerge as the actor’s all-time highest opening day grosser within this market.

Currently, with four days till the release of Jawan, trade predictions state that the advance bookings of the film are sure to see an increase, with its opening weekend registering big collections. In fact, based on reports, early trade estimates predict a bumper opening day and opening weekend for Jawan in both the overseas and domestic markets.

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