Jaideep Ahlawat recalls conversation with Aditya Chopra about his drastic weight loss for Maharaj: “Everyone believes you will nail it”

Jaideep Ahlawat has taken dedication to a whole new level for his Netflix film, Maharaj. Ahlawat underwent a remarkable physical transformation, shedding a significant amount of weight to embody his character, a godman, in the YRF Entertainment production. The inspiration for this transformation came from an unexpected source: producer Aditya Chopra. In a conversation with his co-star Junaid Khan (Aamir Khan’s son), Ahlawat revealed how Chopra encouraged him to push his boundaries.

During a Netflix chat segment, Khan praised Ahlawat for his “drastic physical transformation.” Ahlawat, in response, shared the story behind the weight loss. “This was my first assignment after lockdown,” Ahlawat explained. “Aditya Chopra said a beautiful thing. He said, ‘Everyone believes you will nail it. Everyone believes you are a good actor. But I feel if you try something new, then it will be different for the audience. So you will look really nice if you lose weight. We will structure your body that way.’ I was like, ‘Okay sir.’”

Ahlawat began his weight loss journey at 109.7 kilograms. His dedication paid off, as he managed to shed a staggering approximately 12 kilograms in just five months. “Precisely I was 109.7 kilos. It took me five months to reach the weight of 82 kilos,” he revealed.

Speaking about fitness trainer Prajwal Shetty, Ahlawat said, “I still remember the look on his face on day one. When we began training, I couldn’t finish my fifth push-up. I stayed on the ground. And I looked at him and I was like, ‘I can do it sir’. But the conviction in his eyes was so bad.”

In a month, Jaideep had lost 8-9 kgs. He added, “But it was very painful. He (Prajwal Shetty) has videos of me where I am crying.”

Maharaj follows the story of Karsandas Mulji, a journalist and social reformer, played by Junaid Khan. The year 1862 paints a vivid picture of a nation in flux. With only three universities established and the embers of the Sepoy Mutiny still glowing, India was grappling with change. Set against this backdrop, Mulji, a young man studying at Elphinstone College in Mumbai, emerged as a champion for the marginalized. Inspired by his mentor, scholar-leader Dadabhai Naoroji, Mulji championed social reform and women’s rights. His unwavering commitment to justice led him to confront a powerful figure in the infamous Maharaj Libel Case.

Produced by Aditya Chopra under the banner of YRF Entertainment, Maharaj was released on Netflix.
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