Black Hill Film Production House Pvt. Ltd.’s Haiwan (UA) is the story of Anguli (Birat Kshatriya) who was born to a mentally deranged woman in a village. Following his mother’s demise a few years after his birth, Anguli was looked after by a social worker (Deepika).

Anguli is now a grown-up young man. He goes abroad. There he meets Sapna (Anjali Banerjee) on social media. Back in India, he marries Sapna and takes her to his village but Sapna is keen on returning to the city and meet her boyfriend, Kabir.  It is then revealed that Sapna married Anguli for money and she even sells off his property in his absence, when he goes abroad. On his return from abroad, Anguli is devastated to know the truth about Sapna and Kabir. He kills them after tracking them down and this helps him realize his murderous streak which makes one of the most feared dons. In fact, he goes on to order his men to kill every beautiful girl they meet. However, life changes when he meets Roshni (Roshni Thakur), a prostitute and hears her story. Her husband cheated on her and married another girl, and she was later raped by a man named Blacksy (Sumitabh) who then pushed her into flesh trade. In a fit of anger, Roshni asks Anguli to eliminate Blacksy.

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