Gadar 2 sees HUGE growth on Sunday as compared to Saturday; likely to earn between Rs. 47 to Rs. 50 cr. on Day 3

The much-anticipated sequel to Gadar – Ek Prem Katha, starring Sunny Deol and Ameesha Patel, titled Gadar 2, has taken the Indian film industry by storm. After starting on a thunderous note, the business of Gadar 2 has been seeing incremental growth with each passing day. In fact, on Day 1 the film saw a staggering Rs. 40.10 coming in, with Day 2 drawing in a further Rs. 43.08 cr. Now, on its third day running, Gadar 2 has seen yet another spike in footfalls.

As per advance reports, Gadar 2 has indicate an impressive surge in audience engagement. With a staggering 50% increase in advance bookings on Sunday as compared to Saturday, the film is poised to break records and set new benchmarks for success. The 50% higher advance bookings on Sunday in comparison to the previous days are indicative of the immense anticipation and excitement among the audience. In fact, to cater to the overwhelming demand for Gadar 2, the film’s distributors and theater chains have introduced a strategic move – the introduction of late-night shows. This move has been made to ensure that a wider spectrum of the audience can access the film, given the packed schedules during the day. While Gadar 2 is continuing its march at the box office, the dominance of mass circuits in contributing to the film’s success cannot be underestimated. Gadar 2 has effectively capitalized on its mass appeal, targeting audiences across various demographics and regions.

As of now, based on current data and trends, trade experts are predicting that Gadar 2 is on track to rake in an impressive Rs. 47 to Rs 50 cr. on its third day at the box office. The film’s remarkable advance bookings, coupled with the late-night shows and the overwhelming demand from mass circuits, have laid a strong foundation for this prediction. If realized, this milestone would not only reaffirm the film’s commercial viability underlining the film’s resounding success.

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