Gadar 2 director Anil Sharma denies claims of starting Gadar 3; says, “No Gadar 3 until proper script”

Currently Anil Sharma is the hottest directorial property in Hindi cinema. The pressure to start Gadar 3 sooner rather than later, is tremendous, and tempting. Apparently, Anil Sharma’s directorial fee has gone from a one-digit amount in crores, to a two-digit figure, with a salary to equal Siddharth Anand after Pathaan. But Anil isn’t biting the bait. Rather than rush into Gadar 3, the director will wait.

“Producers and publicists are announcing phantom sequels to Sunny Deol’s patriotic projects from the past. Sunny is keeping quiet. But he’s dreading which of his films will suddenly come up with a sequel. He has nothing to do with any of these fly-by-night projects. He doesn’t want to be identified as the face of Paki-bashing in Bollywood. Both Dharamji and Sunny have a huge fan base in Pakistan, which is getting eroded by Sunny’s image of a Paki basher,” a source close to Deol reveals.

Gadar director Anil Sharma is being pressurized to speed up the process of making the third film in the Franchise. But Anil is unflinchingly categorical on this subject. “Jab tak kahaani pukki nahin, Gadar 3 sachchi nahin. We won’t start Gadar 3 until we get have reason to. And the only reason we will start another Gadar film would be when we have another interesting story to tell. Until then, let’s not rush things.”

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