EXCLUSIVE: Hansal Mehta’s son Jai speaks on shooting Lootere “extensively” in Khayelitsha: “It is the largest slum in the world; it’s bigger than Dharavi”

A ship, precious cargo, the looming threat of Somali pirates and ONE demand! Disney+ Hotstar just dropped the trailer of their upcoming thriller Lootere, featuring a talented ensemble including Rajat Kapoor, Vivek Gomber, Amruta Khanvilkar, and Aamir Ali among others. Directed by Jai Mehta, produced by Shailesh R Singh and guided by showrunner Hansal Mehta, this gripping series follows Rajat Kapoor as the ship captain and his struggle with a criminal legacy.

Entering the twisted world of crime to fulfil a treacherous demand of safeguarding and smuggling dangerous goods, the trailer offers a thrilling peek into a world where survival means navigating a deadly web of crimes. Unravel the secrets with Lootere exclusively on Disney+ Hotstar, starting March 22, 2024.

Lootere tells the intense story of a hijacking in foreign waters that could risk a man’s life. Filming in unusual places brings its own challenges. Jai Mehta, making his directorial debut with Disney+ Hotstar’s Lootere, has shared his experience shooting extensively in a foreign country.

Elaborating on the same, Jai Mehta, the director of Disney+ Hotstar’s Lootere said, “We filmed Lootere in a place called Khayelitsha, and it is the largest slum in the world; it’s bigger than Dharavi. It’s huge, and we were filming there. No one has filmed there as extensively as we have, and I do not think anyone can either. Filming action sequences in the slums was another challenge in itself because how do you communicate to a slum that is the size of a city that ‘Hey man, the gunshots that you will hear are just from a movie scene. They are not real.’ People would start panicking because they thought it was real.“

Will the crew escape or will the pirates take over? Watch on Disney+ Hotstar from March 22 to find out.

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