Box Office: Mission Raniganj leads, Fukrey 3 stays close on Sunday

Mission Raniganj had better collections amongst all other films in the running this weekend. There are other films like Fukrey 3, Jawan, Thank You For Coming and Dono in circulation as well. On a regular Friday, a biggie like Mission Raniganj would have been leaps and bounds ahead of everything else since Thank You For Coming is a niche product, Dono has been released rather selectively, Jawan has anyways done the chunk of its all-time mega blockbuster business and Fukrey 3 is in its second week. However, for now it’s just a bit ahead.

This was seen from Rs. 5 crores collections that Mission Raniganj managed on Sunday. The film had grown by more than 50% on Saturday and ideally at least a similar jump should have come on Sunday too. However, with India v/s Australia cricket match coming in, audience attention was divided. Moreover, as it is, the film is catering to limited audiences and those who are interested in realistic survival action thrillers are the ones watching in. Yes, word of mouth is all around positive but for that the footfalls need to be really massive too. So far, the film has collected Rs. 12.60 crores.

Meanwhile, Fukrey 3 is managing to have a decent second weekend in the running for it after the extended first week was quite good at Rs. 66.02 crores. More than Rs. 10 crores came between Friday to Sunday, and though Rs. 15 crores would have been a far more ideal number, the good part is that the film hasn’t taken a complete pause, and the day-on-day trending has been fine too. On Sunday, the collections didn’t grow as much as it was on Saturday but still Rs. 4.11 crores is a good enough number. The overall collections of this comedy have touched Rs. 76.46 crores.

Note: All collections as per production and distribution sources

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