Box Office: HanuMan (Hindi) is bracing up well for a very good run – Tuesday updates

HanuMan is bracing up well for a very good run at the box office. While in south, the film has anyways gone past all other releases in the running and is now the first choice of the audiences, even in Hindi it’s now garnering the best response and is continuing to attract footfalls. That was seen on Tuesday as well when compared to Rs. 3.80 crores that had come on Monday, Rs. 2.60 crores came in next.

The collections are still ahead of Rs. 2.15 crores that had come on Friday and by the look of things, this could well be its lowest number at least for the first 10 days of run. Reason being that the Teja Sajja film will stay over Rs. 2.25 crores mark today as well as tomorrow and then on Friday too even if it drops, at least Rs. 2.15 crores would be collected. Post that the film will rise all over again on Saturday and Sunday, and this time around the jumps will be even bigger.

Prasanth Verma has delivered a true pan-India success here and now it’s about checking out whether the film emerges as a hit, superhit or a blockbuster. Its overall total currently is Rs. 18.77 crores but then such kind of films have a very good trajectory where usually second week turns out to be better than the first week. This would ensure that the multiplicity factor comes into picture and the final lifetime could well be thrice of what the film scores in the first week.

Note: All collections as per production and distribution sources

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