Box Office: Dunki and Salaar (Hindi) keep collecting on Christmas, all eyes on the hold from today onwards

As has been the trend so far for both Dunki and Salaar (Hindi), they have been doing well at the box office though one can’t say that the collections are blockbuster. 2023 had seen such huge days one after another with multiple films emerging as all-time mega blockbusters that Rs. 30 crores, Rs. 40 crores, Rs. 50 crores in a single day seemed like cakewalk. Especially on big national holidays, even 60 or 70 crores were coming in.

Hence, combined collections of Dunki and Salaar (Hindi) get into that Rs. 35 crores odd range then it definitely seems lesser. In fact even pre-pandemic, some of the real blockbuster films collected much more than that on a single day. However, not just has the business been divided between Dunki and Salaar (Hindi) but then appreciation amongst the target audience too is varied. As a result of that the collections are not really as per the kind of massive expectations that one had.

Dunki brought in Rs. 23 crores* and that’s nice because it really needed to stay above the Rs. 20 crores mark at least. Same holds true for Salaar, which needed to keep its double digit, run going and hence brought in Rs. 13.50 crores in the Hindi version. Neither of the two movies has been done earth shattering business but then they aren’t pushovers either which would make the other film start feeling comfortable. With Dunki standing at Rs. 128.63 crores mark and Salaar (Hindi) at Rs. 65 crores, they would be aiming to go last the Rs. 150 crores and Rs. 100 crores milestones respectively before stepping into the Week 2.

*Estimates. Final numbers awaited

Note: All collections as per production and distribution sources

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