Box Office: Dunki and Salaar (Hindi) hold well on Wednesday, should stay stable at least till second weekend

Both Dunki and Salaar (Hindi) held up well on Wednesday by seeing minimal fall in numbers when compared to Tuesday. This was pretty much required as well for both the films so that they keep going till Friday at least and then build momentum all over again from Saturday till Monday. The release period has actually been the best of the year for the two films as there are two back-to-back extended weekends in a holiday season, something that happens quite rarely.

Of course, had the films been accepted as wholeheartedly as the release time period warrants then sky would have been the limit for them. Tiger 3 was impacted big time by a weird release day (Sunday) and still it went past the Rs. 275 crores mark. Here, the release dates are super brilliant and hence one waits to see how does the final outcome of Dunki and Salaar (Hindi) look like.
Talking about Dunki, the film managed yet another double-digit score after Rs. 11.56 crores collections on Tuesday, as Wednesday numbers stood at Rs. 10.50 crores. This has taken the overall total to Rs. 152.01 crores and there is still one more day remaining in its extended Week One of 8 days. On the other hand, Salaar (Hindi) too didn’t drop much from its Tuesday collections of Rs. 10.25 crores and stood at Rs. 9.50 crores. As a result, it currently stands at Rs. 84.50 crores and should go past the Rs. 100 crores mark by tomorrow.
Note: All collections as per production and distribution sources

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