Box Office: Dunki and Salaar (Hindi) bring almost Rs. 20 crores on Tuesday after an extended holiday weekend run

While Dunki released on Thursday, Salaar (Hindi) arrived a day later on Friday. From this point on, the two films started competing with each other and are into the business. This continued right till the extended weekend where Christmas fell on Monday and now even on the weekdays, the heat can be felt. The combined collections of the two films is around Rs. 20 crores mark though rest assured, individually both the films would have scored better had they arrived separately.

Let’s talk about Dunki first. The film did have around 50% drop when compared to Friday numbers of Rs. 20.12 crores. Of course, the film had collected much higher on Thursday when the collections stood at Rs. 29.20 crores. If one takes that into consideration, then the drop is even bigger. However, Thursday release is also advantageous in the way that a lot more has already been added to the film’s collections and at the end of the day that matters the most for those who have invested in it. With 9.75 crores more coming on Tuesday, the film’s total has now reached 133.50 crores. It will comfortably cross the Rs. 150 crores mark by Thursday.

On the other hand, Salaar (Hindi) has reached Rs. 74 crores* after five days. The film had brought in Rs. 15.50 crores on Friday and compared to that, Tuesday collections of Rs. 9 crores demonstrated good hold. Of course, if one looks at booking apps then there is also bulk booking at certain shows in select theatres across the country. Now whether that’s corporate booking or something else is the prerogative of the makers. At the end of the day though, the collections are coming from the sales of the tickets. One just hopes though that this is a temporary measure because as it is the Prabhas starrer has found reasonable footfalls amongst the target audiences and hence there is potential for the film to reach Rs. 150 crores eventually.

*Estimates. Final numbers awaited

Note: All collections as per production and distribution sources

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