Finn Frantic with Kelly in His Arms Monday on Bold and the Beautiful (PIC)

Bold and the Beautiful has Finn running frantically with Kelly Spencer in his arms at the beach for Monday’s episode of this CBS soap. A photo depicting this scene makes the rounds online this weekend. When you look at the photo, (seen below), it seems B&B also offers a clue as to what happens to Kelly after she’s out of the water.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Kelly Spencer in Danger When Finn Distracted

Kelly Spencer (Sophia Paras McKinlay) went down to the water at the beach while Finn’s back was turned. John Finnegan (Tanner Novlan) told his stepdaughter to stay right where she was while he answered an urgent phone call about his patient. This started off the Friday cliffhanger on Bold and the Beautiful.

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But Kelly Spencer didn’t do that. She didn’t stay put. Instead, she decided to go to get some water in her pail to fill up her sand castle’s mote. The last we saw of the golden-haired child, she was knocked down by a wave in the treacherous California surf.

The camera then pans to Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown). Finn’s whacked-out birth mother was at the beach unbeknownst to Finn. Sheila stayed perched far away from them. But she peered at John Finnegan and his stepdaughter’s every move on Friday’s Bold and the Beautiful.

B&B Spoilers: Kelly Has Impromptu Guardian Angel?

When Sheila Carter shows up in the midst of things, this usually translates into a sign of danger to all who know her. But this time, her spying might have saved Kelly Spencer’s life. Or not.

No one knows what happens when Sheila makes it to the water’s edge. So, far all we know is that she takes off in a panic and sprints to Kelly.

But come Monday, The Bold and the Beautiful episode should clear up the mystery. Viewers of the soap will see what happens once she reaches Finn’s stepdaughter.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Finn - John Finnegan (Tanner Novlan) - Kelly Spencer (Sophia Paras McKinlay)

For now, all the B&B viewers have to go on is a leaked photo. One that shows Finn frantically running with Kelly Spencer in his arms. But is he running to or from something in this photo? With that said, this photo seems to tell the story.

Bold and the Beautiful: John Finnegan Captured in a Frenzy

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say someone’s life hangs in the balance next week on the soap. But it’s likely not Kelly Spencer they’re hinting about.

While you can’t see Kelly’s face in the leaked photo, her arms are holding onto John Finnegan. If Kelly had drowned, Finn would be holding a child with limp arms and legs.

So, going by this photo, it looks like that’s not the case next week on Bold and the Beautiful. A drowning victim would be unresponsive. But that’s not what the screenshot shows.

Kelly is holding her head up in the photo as well. Although the look on Finn’s face seems to say he’s frantic. So, maybe he’s in a panic about something else.

Once Finn makes it to Kelly Spencer at the water’s edge, it’s possible that Sheila already saved her. It’s more likely that he reaches his stepdaughter just as Sheila is holding her in a hug, possibly to comfort the child who was scared over her ordeal.

It looks like what we see in that photo is Finn scooping Kelly up and running away from Sheila. So, it’s possible instead of seeing his mother save Kelly, maybe he thinks she meant her harm.

Although the frantic face is most likely Finn realizing that Sheila got close to his stepdaughter, something he promised would never happen.

So, it looks like Kelly is unscathed. Then maybe someone else’s life hangs in the balance next week… or not. Fans complain that the spoilers coming from this CBS soap lately are at best vague. So while the spoilers say one thing, who knows what happens as the B&B episodes roll out next week?

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