Bold and the Beautiful: How Sheila’s Mad Dash to Kelly Ends

Bold and the Beautiful had Sheila Carter running toward the ocean as a wave knocks Kelly Spencer down on the CBS soap’s Friday cliffhanger. In the blink of an eye, Sheila could become an instant hero. This disaster likely leaves Finn condemned for leaving his stepdaughter unsupervised. There are so many ways for this scene to play out. But the B&B spoilers offer a hint or two on what to expect.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Kelly Spencer Knocked Down By Wave

What does Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown) find when she gets to the breaking waves of the Pacific Ocean? Maybe Kelly Spencer (Sophia Paras McKinlay) slipped beneath the waves and out of sight. Or she’s fighting to keep her head above water. But there’s also another possibility.

By the time Sheila makes it to the water’s edge, Kelly could already be on shore and fine. Bold and the Beautiful promised a “disaster” at the beach. If a child’s life is in danger or a kid is drowning, that is more like a tragedy.


So, this is a huge hint about things to come on Bold and Beautiful next week. The spoilers promise a disaster. Yet, there are a few ways this could go that best fit that description.

It sounds more like the disaster occurs in the aftermath of Kelly being knocked down by waves. It’s possible by the time Sheila Carter reaches her, she’s on dry land again and unscathed.

B&B Spoilers: Sheila Scoops Up Kelly

When Monday rolls around, Kelly floundering in the surf comes to an end as Sheila Carter runs toward her son’s stepdaughter. You have to admit, she looked like she was in a panic while running for the little girl.

The first theory is that Sheila scoops this young girl out of the waves. She comforts the frightened child as Finn makes it to her side.

So, with a tragedy diverted thanks to Sheila, Finn can’t do much else than thank his mother for saving his step-daughter’s life. But if this is the way B&B decides to go with this storyline, then this would just be the start of a huge mess to come.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Whining Liam Spencer Relentless

At the same time, this beach scene takes place, a very irritating Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) hammers at an aggravated Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood). He comes through the door of the cliff house with his spiel about Finn. He claims John Finnegan (Tanner Novlan) betrayed Steffy by lying about his relationship with Sheila.

So, his claim is that Finn won’t be able to protect his family from Sheila Carter because of his feelings for his birth mother. Next Liam vows to keep Steffy and her children safe from Sheila Carter. This is a job for her husband, which she reminds this babbling ex of her.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown)

Next, on Bold and the Beautiful it looks like Liam may get what he sees as proof that his accusations about Finn are true. This conversation between Steffy and Liam established a few things. Kelly Spencer is at the beach with her stepdad, and he will hand her off to Liam when their outing ends.

It also established that Liam doesn’t think Kelly’s stepfather can keep her safe. So, there’s a good chance Liam heads to the beach to get his daughter instead of waiting for her to be dropped off.

B&B Spoilers: Kelly in the Arms of Sheila?

If Kelly Spencer is saved by Sheila Carter, for sure there’s some hugging involved. So, Kelly’s irate father could witness his daughter in the arms of this crazed woman and go berserk.

Some chatter online suggests it’s Liam who ends up in a coma. After all, there was that premonition of Kelly’s where she sees her father gone.

So, if The Bold and the Beautiful soap takes the plot in this direction then a fight likely breaks out. These two rivals could go at it with Liam getting hurt at the hands of Finn.

Some B&B fans suggest that the doctor knocks out his rival. This could end up as the disaster that the B&B spoilers promised.

Or, maybe Sheila Carter disappears before anyone sees her. Kelly could come home with a story about a nice lady who saved her. Bold and the Beautiful made sure to show the fans that Sheila wasn’t concealing her missing toe.

They focused on her four-toed foot last week while she wore open-toed sandals. Kids are funny, that’s probably one of the first things a child of this age would focus on. So Kelly could say that the nice lady who saved her was missing a toe.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Kelly’s Life Savior Leaves Calling Card?

Or, it’s possible that Liam ends up on the beach after the lunatic woman is gone. Then he sees the footprint in the sand of a person missing a toe.

So, the lady who comes to this little girl’s rescue could leave her calling card when a nine-toe set of footprints are seen in the sand. If any of these suggested storylines play out then it will look like Finn gave his mother a reason to believe there’s a second chance with him as well.

So, the day at the beach would turn into a disaster under any of the circumstances mentioned above. But chances are the soap won’t tie this up with the golden-haired little girl hurt in any way.

If anyone gets hurt, it looks like it might be her father. For sure the good doctor would love to shut him up with a punch after his non-stop interference in his marriage.

B&B Spoilers: They Wouldn’t Do This to Kelly Would They?

B&B spoilers don’t so much as hint at anything resembling a drowning or even a hospital stay for Kelly Spencer. With Sheila Carter back in society as free as a bird, maybe the soap is pushing toward redemption for the whacked-out lady.

If Sheila saves the little girl from drowning, next week on Bold and the Beautiful, this would make it even harder for John Finnegan to turn his back on his mother.

But it won’t fare well with Steffy. She’s likely soon at the mercy of Liam whose next campaign probably entails ripping Kelly from her home and moving her in with him.

So, this gives Bold and the Beautiful the jumping-off platform for Steffy Forrester to flee. Jacqueline MacInnes Wood exits the soap soon on maternity leave.

This mess allows her character to flee from all this madness. So, the Forrester daughter likely heads for Europe once again with her two kids in tow. But this time it’s to get away from Sheila Carter on the CBS soap.

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