Bhumi Pednekar’s Bhakshak finds a place in Top 4 most watched content on Netflix

Young Bollywood star Bhumi Pednekar has recorded another big feat with her hit film Bhakshak, securing a prominent spot among the top 4 most watched content on Netflix. This achievement places her alongside towering theatrical hits by megastars like Hrithik Roshan’s Fighter, Ranbir Kapoor’s Animal, and Shah Rukh Khan’s Dunki. Bhumi stands out as the only Bollywood actress in this esteemed lineup of global streaming success.

Bhumi expressed her pride, stating, “Bhakshak is a film that has won the hearts of audiences in India and globally for months now, and I’m extremely proud about this feat. To be right up there among the best content of the year that people have watched on streaming is truly a humbling moment for me as an actor.

Bhumi is basking in unanimous appreciation and love for her stellar performance in Bhakshak. With the film’s success, content-driven cinema is once again the toast of the town. Bhumi emphasized, “Bhakshak has become a film that has sparked a conversation, which is why the engagement on this film has been huge and also sustained. To have clocked these incredible numbers is testament to the fact that it has truly touched people’s hearts.”

Considered one of the best actors in the Indian film industry, Bhumi Pednekar’s body of work continues to solidify her reputation as a versatile and talented performer.

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